The New Bedfords (heavily influenced by ok go..somewhere between colour and oh no)

Hey guyssss.  We are big ok go fans and thought we'd post here to try to get some more fans.  We are a band from northern NJ looking to reignite rock and alter the banal cookie cutter music scene.  We take sounds from rock, pop, and dance bands like the talking heads, ok
go, the hives, them crooked vultures, and throw them all in a blender to create
a lively raw sound that gets your feet moving and heat pumping.  We made
it to the top 100 semi finals of the converse get out of the garage contest,
and participated in New York’s CMJ festival for 2010, as rocked crowds all over
PA, NY, and NJ from NJ's Starland Ballroom to Crock Rock in PA, and various clubs
in Manhattan and Brooklyn.


full ep, Enough to Break the Ice, is streaming at, so don’t hesitate
to check it out!  Some other material can be found at and some videos on


Let us know what you think, we like hearing new feedback.  Thanks!
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