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Hey, I wanted to take the time to post here about my band, The
New Bedfords.  We are really influenced by okgo, from the st all through colour and I was hoping you can take a listen to our stuff.  Just wanted to post here since it looked like none of the other forums really got that much activity. 

We are a band from northern NJ looking to reignite rock and alter the
banal cookie cutter music scene.  We take sounds from rock, pop, and dance
bands like the talking heads, ok go, the hives, them crooked vultures, and
throw them all in a blender to create a lively raw sound that gets your feet
moving and heat pumping.  We made it to the top 100 semi finals of the
converse get out of the garage contest, and participated in New York’s CMJ
festival for 2010, as rocked crowds all over PA, NY, and NJ from NJ's Starland
Ballroom to Crock Rock in PA, and various clubs in Manhattan and Brooklyn.


full ep, Enough to Break the Ice, is streaming at, so don’t
hesitate to check it out!  Some other material can be found at and some videos on


Thanks a ton, and hopefully you enjoy it!


  • Oh man, I'll definitly listen to you once I get to school. I'm really excited. Have you guys gotten signed yet?
  • no sir, but are are looking at just building a steady fanbase and breaking out of the local scene now.  


    We will be on on march 3rd for an interview and you can check that out as well


    the youtube page features a lot of the newer / dancier songs that we have moved into, away from the rock sound of Gotta Get Out, and some of them will be recorded shortly
  • Hey I just checked you guys out and I actually really like some of your songs :) good luck to you!
  • Just watched your sampler post at the ewe-toobs...nice stuff. You still need to find that particular hook that's gonna make you stand out, but it sounds like from a technical standpoint you all know what you're doing. How long have you been together?

    There was something in Shark that seemed to be channeling Pixies' Surfer Rosa...utter coolness.

    Find yourself a producer with a vision five years beyond where you're at now, spend some quality time in the studio, keep working the pavement, and you've got potential, mate.

    Best of luck to you and The New Madisons...

    --- Jim ---
  • thanks a lot guys, any response is great but so far a good response is even better haha  

    if you dig it, take a second to like us on fb, or add us on twitter (


    DWD - we have been together for just about a year now, give or take a month of busy schedules and downtime and been playing shows steadily for the past 8 months, building a rep and getting to know some names.

    hopefully the second ep will be recorded in the coming months, we plan on getting some good quality demo versions out in the next month or two.  as for liking sharks to something on surfa rosa, thats just fantastic and good news because thats one of the next songs to be completed. woo!
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