Pat McCurdy; Wisconsin's Comedic Musical KinM

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I’d like to introduce you all to Pat McCurdy. He is a Milwaukee-born improve/comic genius.  I have the fortune to be considered a friend of his and he even played in my back yard.  He can make up songs on the spot and all of his songs are pure comedic gold.  Watching him is almost like watching Whose Line is it Anyways.

Here is him with one of his most famous songs about breaking up and hating each other; Screw You

A song of Love;The Fuck Buddy Song

You may get there faster. You may get there first, but I always drive in reverse.

He likes to write songs about people and their hometowns.  For example one that he wrote for me using my college, and because he knows me so well, some of my favorite bands;

Look at her-she’s beautiful to me

Listening to Vampire Weekend and MGMT

My love for her is like a big inferno

She’s Lissy-The Princess of Alverno.


Pat McCurdy is the self proclaimed "Dork With a Guitar"


  • It looks like the videos didn't work. :( You can look him up on youtube.
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