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2012 Grammy Awards

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All Is Not Lost has been nominated for a Grammy!!!!!!  WOO HOO!!!

(Seriously, so glad they got it right this year)


  • AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I want crazy pictures with Trish and Pilobolus on the carpet this time. HAHAHA
  • I don't know.  As much as I want them to win, they are up against Lotus Flower.  I mean, thats over 5 minutes of Thom Yorke popping and locking like nobodys business.  Who could compete with that? (insert sarcasim here)
  • Woot!  Of course, now I have to watch the Grammys.  I never watch award shows, but I can't risk the possibility that I might miss seeing the guys.
  • Your best bet, Becki, is to watch the red carpet coverage.  I have never seen them include this award during the main telecast.
  • Oh, well.  We should skype or vent while it is on so we can talk about it.
  • WHOO!!! LET THE EXCITEMENT, ANTICIPATION, AND DREADFUL WAITING BEGIN!!! I wrote a gigantic rant on why I think OK Go should win. I'll repost it here for those who haven't seen:


    Here's their competition:

    Rolling in the Deep - Adele: Please, it's the SONG that's good, not the video.

    Yes I know - The Memory Tapes: Just so... creepy... Please don't watch it. I warned you.*

    All is Not Lost - OK Go: WHO DA MAN?!?!?!

    Lotus Flower - Rdiohead: Seriously, no. He just awkward dances the entire video.

    First of the Year (Equinox) - Skrillex: That's some freaky ass pedo vs. girl dubstep...*

    Perform This Way - Weird Al Yankovic - CGI-ing your face doesn't deserve a grammy.


    Weird Al deserves the comedy album more than the best short. The rest don't even compete. Adele and Radiohead are boring. The Memory Tapes and Skrillex are just downright creepy. In comparison to the two before, Weird Al is mildly disturbing. Which is why I believe OK Go will win, hands down. It's creative, intruiging, interactive, in 3D, and beautiful. Not to mention with no CGI or computer enhancement, other than the minimal editing and multiple browsers. ANALYZATION COMPLETE!


    *For those who wish to read about the video's instead of watching them:

    Yes I know - The Memory Tapes: It's about this guy whose body sorta acts like silly putty. In the beginning you see holes in his body, then his hand splits... soon he becomes a stringy silhouette and then vanishes. The CGI is quite believable, and the music is very eerie. Rating: A sure win for the abstract mind!


    First of the Year (Equinox) -  Skrillex: A pedophile targets a little girl in a playground and follows her underground. He's also got chloroform. He see's the girl with a doll and attempts to get her. Little do we know this girl has voodoo-telekinesis powers and tortures him to no end. He awakes infront of shelves full of dolls. I haven't really watched the rest because it scares the shit out of me. What I do know is at the end the girl etchess a final tally to a list of 75. She probably killed him. Rating: This is a wonderful piece for those who love dubstep and scary movies!
  • Holy crap! A Grammy! That's so cool!

    I hope they win. I'm a little biased, but I really think they deserve it. 

    This is really exciting. :D
  • Pilobolus has chimed in on the nomination:

    Pilobolus and OK Go Nominated for a GRAMMY!
  • According to this article, the boys will also be presenting at the show this year – yay!

  • glamour_and_sedition said:

    According to this article, the boys will also be presenting at the show this year – yay!


    When you say present, does that mean they'll be performing, or introducing/giving a GRAMMY to another artist?
  • Presenting means they are giving a Grammy to another artist.

    I wonder which category they're presenting for…

    ETA: They're presenting in the Pre-Telecast Ceremony, so they won't be on TV presenting. However, the link to the live stream from the ceremony is in the article. And it's international, so all you kids not in the US should be able to view it.


    I love it when they broadcast things

    JUST BROADCAST ALL THE THINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Expletives Deleted.
  • I like Adele 's Rolling in the Deep , but how in the world did it win best video?  If OK Go had to lose it should have at least  been to Skillerex. :(
  • Oh I know! They seemed so jazzed to share the stage with Skrillex, and considering his win streak it would've made more sense. I was watching some twitter feeds and just general (not OK Go fans) people were wondering how Adele's vid was so great. I didn't see the later part of the grammys though to see if she won other categories.

    The guys were so much fun to watch though! Trading off envelope openings so everyone got a turn. And they're totally Skrillex fanboys, lol. I think Damian got a case of the nerves though, like he gets into longer speeches (partly about the music industry, Skrill''s apartment, etc) and drops an F-bomb and it seemed like Tim cut in quick with the short version, lol. Twitter ppl were like, well, at least the singer got his F-bomb out before it got on tv  :P

    Like I said, fun. I just hope the success of N/G gets them a plushier spot on the next grammy show.


    ps. Deadmau5 pranked Skrillex for his 3 wins by wearing a t-shirt with Skrill's cell number on it to the red carpet. Thought that'd be funny to share.
  • So depressing how they felt a need to give Adele a prize for literally every category she was placed in, perhaps in an attempt to pay lip service to her record label? Im sooooo sure theyd rather award those who r attached to the large record labels in hopes of supporting the ever flailing industry, which kinda explains the commercially successful artists being selected over and abv indies.

    What i think the Grammy crew do is keep the award for OK Go to b given next yr, seeing the results of N/G. They figured the tradeoff of having a nommie + red carpet sighting + prize presentation wld b sufficient to counter the effects of awarding Adele perhaps?

    A girl can only dream... Let's juz hope we wont b as aggrieved next yr :) xx
  • Well, OK Go just released Needing/Getting, and they should have a new album out by this summer, so next year they'll be in a pretty good spot, I'd say.
  • I don't think they'll have a new album out by the summer at the current rate they're going. The last I read, they have some songs, but haven't started recording. While they have complete freedom to go at their own pace be it fast or slow, I don't think they'll have it ready by summer. If they start recording in the spring, the album might drop in the fall. I don't think we'll see a new album until August/September at the earliest.
  • I just realized that about ten minutes after I posted it.  Still, this is a rather short time, given that OTBCOTS was released five years after Oh No.

    Edit: Not meant negatively, if that was how this post seemed.  OTBCOTS was well worth it, and I really don't think that it would have been any good if it was rushed.  So, if the next album takes five years too, but it's as good as OTBCOTS or maybe even better, that would be preferable to an album that is not as good as it could be because it was rushed.
  • Somebody was looking for videos of this, so I went on the hunt.  Turns out, you can watch the whole pre-telecast event on the official Grammy site, on this page.  I couldn't find any red carpet stuff and I'm bummed that they didn't win, but at least those of us who missed the live streaming can watch the band present.  I've just started watching it now, or I'd give you the time stamps for them for the sake of convenience...  Maybe after I find it, I'll get back to you with it.

    But while on the hunt for these things, I also stumbled across an interview Damian did with Young Hollywood a few days ago concerning the nomination of "All Is Not Lost" for the Grammy.  I haven't seen anybody else mention it yet, so I'd better share!  

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