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When is their next tour?  I've only recently fallen in love with these guys and I wanna see them live!

Also I'm trying to decide whom I love more: Andy or Damien? 

If anyone has info let me know.  Thanks.


  • First off, WELCOME TO THE BOARDS! I'm glad there's more people who love OK Go just as much as I do! 


    The next chance they'll be on tour is once they've finished their next album. It SHOULD be out by late spring/summer, but their album intervals are known to be lengthy. The distance between "Oh No" and "OOBCOTS" was 5 years. Then again, they we re-learning how to write songs + a 2 year tour. So we all must be patient and see what comes next. I'm seriously interested in why they wanted to know what their scent was... Maybe their next album is scratch n' sniff, who knows?


    I'm on team Damian- WHILE I LOVE LOVE LOVE THE OTHER GUYS- He's my #1. If you need my persuasion ( Though I don't understand why) Here:

    ( I lol at this one everytime)


    If anyone wishes to protest on Andy's behalf (beckysioux) I suggest now is the time.
  • Hi Sharon!  Welcome!  I wish we knew when the next tour would be.  As soon as we know, the boards will be buzzing with excitement though. :-D 


    As for whom you love more, I don't think you really have to pick.  Andy and Damian are both lovely guys.  They are also both married (as far as we've been able to tell), so in the end it's a moot point.  Personally I've always been a big Damian fan, but Andy is just as special to me. :-)


    In any case, welcome, glad you're here.
  • Sharon, you and I are in the same state (NC)!!!! Happy dance!  I am finally not all alone here in North Carolina.
  • Welcome, Sharon! I'm just as anxious for the boys to go on tour again (hopefully I'll actually get to see them this time),  but I'm also really excited for a new album. :D

    I have to admit, I'm totally team Damian as well, but I absolutely love the rest of the boys. They're all just so amazing. I get giddy at the mention of any of them! :D
  • All the talk about who to love more Damian or Andy, I just don't undestand???? What about TIM??? Oh wait, you guys just keep loving the rest of the guys and leave Mr. Nordwind to me Laugh
  • Haha, that's the spirit! I like them all! :D
  • Does anyone know if Ok Go ever tours in Canada? Specifically Ontario?

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