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Where are my trumpeting OK Go Fans?

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Ok guys, I'm sorry to start a new thread, but I didn't think as many people would see this if I posted it in the Don't Ask Me thread, I was just wondering if anybody knew where to get trumpet sheet music for OK Go music. Yes, I understand that there is a book of vocal, piano, and guitar music, but trumpets are in a different key, so we use different sheet music. Anyway, if anybody knew where I could get some, especially if there is some recorded sheet music for the amazing trumpet solo in Skycrapers at Tiptina's Uptown in New Orleans on the 180/365 album. I know that it probably isn't recorded on paper, but still, the question remains, where can I get some trumpeting-OK-Go goodness? Please and thank you!


  • Hey Leviness, welcome to the boards!

    I knew I'd seen something to this effect somewhere, so I popped over to Google and this was what I found:  Not Free, $65 a song, wow, but probably because it's a score for the ENTIRE marching band.  I say you bring it to your bandleader and convince them to help you out. 

    Also, as a person who majored in music (and a person with an overly heavy parenting instinct, sorry), I feel the need to point out that taking the score for piano/guitar/voice and transposing it into the key you need it to be in would be an excellent excercise to help you sharpen your own musicianship.  Then you wouldn't have to shell out $65 per song.

    As for the Skyscrapers solo, I don't think you'll have any luck on that.  It was a one-time only sort of thing.  Might be fun for you to figure it out for yourself though?    Get a starting note, figure out what key it's in (I'm saying em, but I could be wrong but I don't think so) and go on with your bad self!
  • Whoa, thanks!
  • I bought the book, just cause. Know all I have to do is learn how to read music and then play something. I will think about that Tomorrow :-)
  • Hahaha I've been wanting to do something like that for SO long (trumpet players unite!), but never got around to it.. woops.
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