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Playlists Galore!

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I think we should keep an archive of these because they're making lots and I'd like a place where I can like, "THAT ONE!" and listen to it. I'd also something along the lines of what glamour_and_sedition did, the screen capturing Damian's playlist, because Spotify isn't available in Canada, and I could probably make them on YouTube for everyone to listen to! Here's a couple links:


October Playlist on Spotify:


December Playlist on Spotify:


Dan's "Scary Monster" Playlist on Grooveshark:!/playlist/Dan+s+Scary+Monster+Mix/64368258


Damian's "OK Go Picks" Playlist on Spotify:


I can't find Tim's playlist and the link won't open, so if someone else whose computer loves them could just put his playlist in would be awesome!


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