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This American Life LIVE SuperSecret Ambassadors

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Hey everybody-- Have had some requests from SuperSecret Ambassadors for the This American Life LIVE show tomorrow to have a place where we can all share ideas and coordinate with others who might be going to the same showing that you are. Well, here it is!


A reminder of the SuperSecret mission: 

1. Attend a showing (find a theater here)

2. Make sure everybody in the theater knows about the awesome smartphone app Andy developed for the show (info here) and get everybody using it.  

3. Take photos and videos of the showings and share them with us! Post to Facebook or Twitter (make sure to tag OK Go!) or email them to me at We're going to make a Facebook album of everything that gets sent to me! If you're shooting a video, shoot it in 'Landscape' form so we can combine it into one big SuperVideo. 


Thanks everybody for doing this! We're really excited to see what you all come up with. 


Mike Lavigne from the OK Go Team


  • Should we invite others to take video? Should we invite others post stuff and tag it?
  • Definitely yes!
  • Can we start a list of where everybody's attending the show tomorrow night?  That way we can potentially collaborate with others who will be in the same venue at the same time.


    I'll start - my husband, two teenaged daughters (and one daughter's teen boyfriend) will be at the Yorktown AMC Theater in Lombard, Illinois tomorrow night.


    - Lisa

  • Request:  All who post should include the show you're attending so we will know if anyone else is going like Mike mentioned.


    My creative idea:  Dress up like your favorite OK Go video and have a sign.  My husband and I are getting white paint suits and splattering paint on them!


    Crossroads 20 Theater in Cary, NC
  • Hey, boardies! I have NOT actually fallen off the face of the earth.

    I'm Ambassador-ing in Cincinnati tomorrow night (at the Rave 14 in Western Hills, woot).

    I'm going to make a giant sign out of posterboard and a dowel rod, shaped like a speech bubble over my head, that invites people to download the app, plus I'll hand out little slips of paper with more info if people are confused and/or intrigued.

    Feel free to share your ideas - we can help each other out that way.

    LOVE to all my friends here. I miss you.
  • Hi all,


    I'll be at the Silver City Coquitlam Theatre in Coquitlam, BC Canada tomorrow night at 7PST.  Love the speech bubble sign idea, and of having slips of paper with more info. 


    Question:  Do the theatres know about this?  Is there any chance we'll catch flak from them about pictures/videos? Any ideas how to preempt any issues? 


  • Hello again!


    Follow up to my own question:  I just called the theatre and they asked me to forward them the email.  They are not entirely on board with the notion of filming inside the auditoriums, but I'm pretty sure they can be convinced :D  They are forwarding to "upper management" and will be in contact with me today with any questions. 


    Might be a good idea to contact your theatres and let them know?



  • I'll be attending the show at the Marcus Gurnee Cinema in Gurnee, IL at 7pm CST. I haven't been chosen as an ambassador, but I was thinking along the lines of sureeyesawake in handing out slips of paper with simple instructions on how to download the app and post pics/vids on FB and Twitter after the event. 

    So, if you're going to that showing, come say hi!
  • I'm up to do this, but is there a way we can distinguish ourselves from regular movie goers? Can we have some kind of official way of making ourselves known as OK Go Ambassadors and not random troublemakers? I don't wanna be thrown out of the movie theater.
  • Hey guys-- good question about possible resistance from Theater Management. We have permission from This American Life to take photo and video during the shows (in fact, it was partly their idea!) so you should be fine (and we're talking smartphone or pocket cameras here, no need for a camera with a huge flash, or a tripod video camera). 


    If for any reason you do get pushback from the theater management, don't worry about it. Just put down your camera and enjoy the show. We're definitely excited to see what's going on in all of the theaters tomorrow, but it's more important to us that you all have a good time! 


  • Hey kids, if you haven't seen it yet, TAL has made some handy-dandy little fliers you can hand out. Click here to view and print if you haven't made any of your own yet. You might want to add some instructions on how to post pics to OK Go via Twitter and FB.

    Also, I have decided that I will be bringing my TTSP Marching Band hat to the viewing. If any of y'all are at the Marcus Gurnee Cinema tonight, come on over and say hi! I'll be the girl with the insanely large hat on her head.
  • Having some trouble printing off the banner where the QR code is big enough to scan-


    Going to be at the Pittsburgh so so excited. Smile
  • Another idea:  if you use foursquare, check in to the event at the theater and mention the app!


    The flyer thing looks good, but make sure it's understood to be on android too.  I plan on making 2 really big posters with the App symbol and just the words "Download the App" or "Crowd Participation.  You know you want to" or something on it. Mentioning Facebook and Twitter is also a good idea.


    Paint suits splattered last night and look great.  Weren't 100% dry when we left the house this morning (the more puddle-ridden spots were taking longer), but hopefully a day to bake in the car will finish them off before the show.


  • Woo!!! I'm so excited for the showing tonight!!! I was looking for my OK Go original logo shirt, but can't seem to find it. If anyone from AZ is going to the Cinemark 16 theater in Mesa you should look for me (You can't miss me, I'll have a huge swirly pomp on the top of my head. I'll be wearing a yellow dress with yellow wedges in case you can't find my hair. I'm so glad to be a part of this!! <3
  • I'm thinking about wearing my Wilfred costme from Halloween and carrying a clear plastic wastebasket and having a bunch of the flyers in it to hand out, but that thing is insanely hot...any ideas on how I could convey White Knuckles besides the wastebasket?


    I'll be at the Cinemark in Ventura, CA and I can't wait!
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