Download the digital database????

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Just bought the "Of the Blue Colour of the Sky" Extra Nice CD.  There's a download code for the digital database.  Where do I find/enter the code?  I can't seem to find the link.



CH   Cry


  • Hi CH,

    It appears that with the new website, the Database has been removed. I am not aware if it will be returned anytime soon as there were some glitches with it before the new website was launched. 

    Keep checking back as the Database might be back up and running with the release of the new album (probably next year).

    IIRC there were some live tracks from one show and some remixes of White Knuckles in the Database, but everything else you already have on the Extra Nice Edition.
  • The Database is back up. It's in the Music section. Or you can just click here:
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