Do you think OK Go's appearance/representation in their music videos/album artwork affect how succes

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I am doing a research essay for my Media Studies A-Level and I'm looking at whether the male representation of an artist affects whether he is successful or not. OK Go are obviously an interesting case study as far as case studies go. Please discuss your ideas and comment as freely as you like as your opinions will be noted and considered and hell; they might even make an appearance in my essay! So yes, please discuss and comment. Thank you very much.


  • Hi, Alex!

    You and Louis must be in the same class, hmm?  ;)

    I'd be happy to give you my opinions here, though I'm by no means an expert in this field and not the most band knowledgeable person on this board.  But before I do, can you clarify what you meant by your question?  Are you studying the level of perceived masculinity of an artist, as the wording in the text suggests, or looking at the broader question of image in general, which would be interrelated but not nearly as focused?  Or did you have something else more specific in mind that I didn't pick up on?

    Hopefully, this hasn't reached you too late and I can still be of some help.
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