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What is the narrative behind the music video 'This too shall pass' (Rube Goldberg Machine version)?

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I'm and A level media student, I would like to get the view of multiple fans rather than just me. If you could help me out that would be great.


  • Hey, Louis!

    As with Alex's question in the other topic, I'd be happy to answer this as best I can, if you still need it.  I give the same disclaimer, which is that I'm no expert in the field of music studies and that there are other boardies here who know the band and its history better.  However, I'd like a quick point of clarification.  Are you asking for the story as presented by the music video itself, or are you searching for information on the behind the scenes and making of for the video?  If it's the former, I think I can fairly confidently say that the video isn't trying to present a story at all beyond showing an elaborate machine that "dances," in Damian's words, with the band and goes through a massively over-complicated procedure just to ultimately fire paint at the band, something that could have been done with much less trouble and expense.  If you aren't already aware of the inspiration for the video, it may help you to look up Rube Goldberg, who was a cartoonist who became famous for devising elaborate contraptions for doing simple things.

    If you'd like more behind the scenes information, the band made an immense amount of it available, including diagrams for the individual pieces of the machine.  I'd be happy to show you where to locate this if you haven't found it already.  There are also several videos on YouTube showing them working on the set and featuring interviews with band members.

    If I missed anything or you have follow-up questions you think I can help with, just let me know.  I'll make sure to check back.
  • This might help.  It is a bit of a rare piece and is more technical than most of the clips out there, so if it is the direction you were looking in, then it will help.  If not, well it is still interesting.
  • Even if Louis never comes back, I love you for that video, Becki.  ;)
  • Thanks so much.  There is nothing I like more than finding a video like this and sharing it with you guys.
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