Say The Same Thing app

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aross made an app called Say The Same Thing. You can get it at the App Store or at Google Play. I just installed it, but have yet to play a game. The instructions alone are the cutest.

And here's an article on the new app: Behind OK Go's New Word-Focused App And Its Label-less Model For Success

And here's a wonderful commercial featuring Damian and Tim for the new app:


  • Congrats to STST being Apple's 50 billionth downloaded app!!! :o cldnt hv done it even if we tried. Some things are juz meant to be...! ;) x
  • OK who has played it?
  • What *i* wanna know is whether any of us has actually played with one of the boys before, coz I know I hvnt! :( and it looks like they're no longer playing either. Booooo I can't believe I paid, PAID to go ad free!
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