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ladeejol aka Jolean Wong In Memoriam

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This past weekend the world lost a wonderfully amazing person, Jolean Wong. She was known on the Boards as laydeejol and had a way with words. I believe she called it Joleanese. She had a flair for fashion and knew her way around the hip Hong Kong eateries. She was always there for you when you were down and knew what to say to brighten your day.

You can check out her sweet dance moves at the 0:29 mark.

She will be sorely missed here on the Boards and in every other facet of life.


Damian sang a song for her today.


I now invite you to write down any memories you have of Jolean. While she is gone, she will never be forgotten.


  • Jolean was always one of the most positive people I knew... she would every so often message me just to say hi and see how I'd been during the times we hadn't been talking.  I couldn't believe somebody would be bothered to do so, for so long.

    I wish I could even begin to know how to respond, right now.
  • I'm absolutely floored. And speechless, apparently, because I've just stared at this black space for a few minutes.
  • I'm trying to articulate my feelings, and it's not working, so please forgive me. I've lost a lot of people recently, and the last time I talked to Jolean, she was trying to console me over one of them...

    And now, I've got to try and console myself.

    It's hard. I remember once trying to explain Jolean to my mother (over something confusing she'd written on my Facebook--she was always there with a consoling word, even when she didn't know exactly what the trouble was). I said, "Jolean is hyper-enthusiasm-meets-heartfelt-concern, coupled with complete joie-de-vivre." My mom didn't get it. So I said she was like everyone's biggest cheerleader. And she was.

    Part of that is because she was Sagittarius.
    Part of it is because she was an OK Go fan and a Boardie.

    But mostly, it was because she was Jolean.
  • Rockchick aka Christine wanted to add something about Jolean, but is currently having troubles accessing the Boards. Here is what she messaged me to have added:


    My memory of this lovely fun loving lady is her love of all things English. Jolean adopted me as her English Grandmother and always called me Grammy, having only grandsons I could not wish for a better granddaughter, I only wish I could have met her. I will miss her funny little posts that always cheered me up, heaven now has an awesome beautiful angel, we will all miss her so much xx
    Allergic to whole wheat.
  • I have to say that I don't know her that well, but I get to know her as a lovely and lively person.

    When I got the sad news about Jolean, I initially remember her cute dance moves in our White Knuckles video. She seemed to be full of energy and joy in it, so that I will always keep her in memory in this way.
  • Due to my relative inactivity on the boards, I never really knew Jolean well, however based on the few posts I saw and how everyone else feels I can safely say that this is one of the most unfortunate things that could have happened to the OK Go community.  She was supposed to grow old.
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