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FAVE song on Hungry Ghosts

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This is the toughest call ever. I LOVE the new album. I have listened to the EP about 50 times since I bought it at a show, and after streaming the album, I think my favorite song is "That One Moment," but that could easily change. Anyone else have a favorite song so far?


  • Right now, The Great Fire is king of all OK Go tunes!
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    woosh, I'm crazy about Upside down and Inside out now. Obsession is a-mazing too.
    But I have to say, overall, I didn't fall in love with the album the way I did with otbcots....
  • OK, my new fave is now I'm Not Through. I love all the songs and haven't taken the CD out of my car CD player since I got it.
  • I'm really obsessed with Obsession. Can't stop listening to it. ^^ I Won't Let You Down was also love at first sight. Lullaby is very sweet too, but I have to agree with laeticia on the album as such.
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