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The last 10 times or so that I have logged on to this site, there has been only one person online (me). I wonder if anyone will see this post. I am excited about the 11 million views of "I Won't Let You Down" on YouTube, the Hit of the Week designation by MTV, the 3 shows I got to see this fall, the innumerable OKGO interviews I have watched in the past 10 months trying to figure out why it took me so long to discover this band, the cool merch I bought over the past few months, and finally, the new spring 2015 tour dates just announced. Anyone know if there will be any new Pledge Music opportunities on the spring US tour?


  • Hiya Jancooney, nice to meet you!
    I usually find that I'm the only one online as well. The board is not as busy as it used to be but there are a handful of OK Go boardies I've found on tumblr and twitter, and we share things through there quite a bit! (come find me, I'm erinmcmom on both sites)
    I've never been to an OK Go show. The timing has just never worked out for me since they are generally only in my area once every 4 years, so I'm EXTREMELY excited about the Toronto date they announced today. It will be my first show after a LIFETIME of loving the band.
    I really hope that there will be some VIP/soundcheck/meet & greet opportunities offered through the shop for the Spring tour. I'd buy that up in a heartbeat! I would imagine that they wouldn't be offered through PledgeMusic since that campaign has officially been closed.
  • Thanks for the reply. I just started using twitter to follow bands I love. I'll look for you. I am SOOOO happy about the Toronto date for you. I have gone to well over 140 concerts (not all okgo of course) in my lifetime, and OKGo is so exciting! They use confetti galore and make the entire night a blast. I am sure you already know this, but if you just hang around outside or even inside the venue after the show, you will likely get to meet Damian and maybe a few others. I left the Indianapolis show this year and walked to the venue parking lot to go to my car, and there were a few people hanging out. I waited about 15 mins with them, and Damian came out to chat with fans. He is so easy to approach and talk to. I didn't do that at the Bloomington show because the guy I was with wasn't into fangirling, but when I went to Nashville a month later, I just stayed at the venue again. I went to the bar to get a beer and some bottled water, and before I knew it, Damian had come back into the venue. He talked to me, I got a pic, and then I saw both Tim and Dan who did the same. They are all so easy to talk to. I never saw Andy, but maybe next time. Oh, and if you have the desire to stand close to the stage for the entire concert, get in the first two rows of people near the center. At the end of each show I saw, they pulled about 15 people out of the first two rows to dance on stage with them. Needless to say, they won me over, and I will be helping to pay their bills for the rest of my life by supporting them in any way I can. I can't wait for the next Pledge campaign to see what they have to offer. Good luck at the Toronto show! Maybe I i
  • Hi, jancooney (jan?) and EMc2 (erin?), thanks for speaking up. I've been wondering whether we boardies should kick the board traffic back up. I used to be very active here, but I've also noticed how quiet it's been. I don't know if people (new fans) come here much; in other words, I wonder if this format is still relevant. Apparently it is, at least to some people, and I'm up for having conversations and responding to questions and just generally sharing our fan-ness together! When I first encountered OK Go, I totally needed a place to talk to People Who Understand. So, be welcome! Thanks for being here.

    I've seen both your names here and there in twitter and maybe YouTube (I can't remember), so it's good to find you here as well.

    We used to have a thread where each new person introduced herself or himself. Maybe I'll look for it. I'm not sure whether all that stuff still exists or how to find it.

    Yes, the spring tour gives us all something to look forward to! I need to get busy inviting/nagging my friends who are starting to like OK Go to get themselves to some shows. It sounds like my brother and sister-in-law will go to one, and they've never been. I think I'll travel to go with them.

    Jan, it's great to hear about your experiences this fall. I'm jealous that you made it to so many shows. And EM, what a great thing that you'll be able to see them live! Finally! And in your hometown!
  • I feel like lately we've been talking a lot about how quiet it's been here, haha. I don't know, particularly for me, a lot has happened on this 4 year gap between records. I just don't have the time I had when I was on grad school! Nevertheless, I am here now precisely because I thought about how much time I used to spend on here. Hopefully I'll make my way here more often now :)
    Plus, I don't have much to say about tour, talking about it depresses me :( (FREAKING RUSSIA AND NOT HERE lol, just kidding).
    But yes, there are still quite a few of us active on tumblr and twitter, I miss doing memes hahaha and I just got a new computer (I've been without a proper one for a couple of years!) so, I might get back to doing that :-)

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