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As a high school math teacher (and OK GO follower for years), I am trying to pull together a lesson for my Geometry class (and maybe could use for Algebra as well, especially before one of the breaks). I would like to create a "work for it" activity for students to read before watching specific videos with targeted questions that tie to math concepts that they can watch for while viewing the videos and answer afterwards. My first thoughts are to use (perhaps on separate occasions) "This Too Shall Pass," "All Is Not Lost" and perhaps "The Writing's on the Wall," but would be open to others.

If anyone (including the band) can point me in the right direction of any info on how the videos were made (especially any math or planning that was used - did see an informal interview with the engineers and band related to the Rube Goldberg machine), that would be helpful.

While I would just love to show the videos because they are amazing and none of my students (9th graders) have seen them before, I believe I can use this as an opportunity to show students that math is necessary beyond high school, especially if they have aspirations of working for OK GO in the future! Any input would be welcome.

Mrs. C, 9th grade Math Teacher, Western Massachusetts


  • Hey Mrs. C! Welcome to the Boards!!

    Here's the interactive website for the The Writing's On the Wall. There's also one for the Rube Goldberg Machine here. When you walk through the maps, you can view little snippets of what went into each portion of the video. I'm pretty sure there is math included in some of the snippets.

    If you go through the band's YouTube channel, there are more behind the scenes items from their videos that might include some math, too.
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