OK Go inspiring to all ages

My nine-year-old son has been a huge fan of OK Go since seeing their work with Pilobolus at the American Dance Festival a couple of years ago -- and since subsequently seeing and LOVING their videos.

Here is the first video he's ever made (with some help from dad), using a GoPro and his bike. Fittingly, he chose one of his favorite OK Go songs and the one that goes to his 2nd favorite OK Go video. (Nothing will ever top the Rube Goldberg "This Too Shall Pass" for him.)

An amazing band that can inspire creativity and love from such a diverse community of fans. Really appreciative of the work these guys do and the creative community it inspires. Thanks!


  • Thanks for sharing that! My favorite parts are when you can see his shadow in the shot.

    OK Go does inspire creativity, and I love that about them, too.

    I can relate to your enthusiasm. My nephew is nine and I'm so proud of all his creative projects.

    Good for you to encourage your son in making something. I bet he feels extra special since you helped him work on it. Hopefully this will lead to many more projects as he explores his interests and develops his skills.

    Let us know if he makes any more videos! Thanks for joining this creative community of OK Go fans. We're all pretty glad to be here. :)
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