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OK GO 2015 concert USB stick

edited April 2015 in OK Go
Any plans on releasing a USB stick like you did on the 2010 tour?


  • I know that they didn't have them for this Spring tour. My guess is that if there was enough interest to bring them back, they might.

    I liked the USBs. It was/is fun re-listening to the show(s). Plus the video snippet :)
  • Oh, I forgot about the video snippet! I'll have to dig those out again.
  • I'd be interested in more, definitely!
  • Oops got the years mixed up! I meant this springs tour haha!
  • It looks like they wanted to have the USBs for this Spring Tour, but there just was not enough room on the tour bus to accommodate everything that goes along with recording a live show and then selling the USBs.

    So, maybe it'll be a thing again for their next tour, whenever that shall be.
  • Next tour... I like the sound of that! Fingers crossed that it's not light years away! :)
  • Well it is good to know that USBs didn't go away because of a perceived lack of interest or something. I too hope they bring them back and that the "next tour" isn't ages away (seeing as how I didn't get to see any of the shows or recent tours)!
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