Let's get this forum active!

Wow, I havent been on the forum for a few years now and so much has changed!
Everything is great except that the forums aren't as active now...

Since i haven't been on the forum for a long time, let's introduce ourselves!

Tell me your name, location, a interesting fact about yourself, your favorite OK Go song(s) and anything else you want people to know.

My name is Chelsea and i'm from Hong Kong. One interesting fact about me is that I only have one kidney! (pretty mundane. i know.) I don't have an all time favorite OK Go song but at the moment my favorite is between Another Set of Issues and End Love.

Alright, let's get the community active once again!!

Do anyone still have the old OKGo fan/juggling club patch? I think i lost it whilst moving. ;c


  • i guess it's not happening ;(
  • Hey Chelsea. Don't worry I'm with you! The forums are barely active anymore so I agree.

    My name's Victoria (but you can call me Red). I'm from New York. An interesting fact...I'm a pretty decent artist and I love to draw. And I basically like every single OK Go song. I could never pick a favorite. Their all great.
  • .I'm a pretty decent artist and I love to draw.

    oooh, what medium of art do you use and where can we find your art work?

  • I like the classic pencils and paper. Although I have been playing around with computer art lately. I don't really have a place were people can find my work at the moment,but thanks for showing interest! I can do both cartoon and realistic,but I overall am just working on improving and practice. :D
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