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  • QUOTE (God @ Sep 3 2006, 01:03 AM)
    What What?

    Damn y0u Stephanie for posting your post & confusing God.

    I meant show tunes. What are some of your favorite show tunes, God? happy.gif
  • i've never really been outside of the US, just to.. mexico.
    ... so ...

    how's life?
  • "Grand Old Ivy" and "The Brotherhood of Man" from How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.

    "Let Us Out, Let Us Free" from Titanic! The Musical.

    "At the End of the Day" and "One Day More" From Les Mis.

    "Sorry Her Lot Who Loves Too Well" and "My Gallant Crew, Good Morning" from HMS Pinafore.

    "Three Little Maids From School Are We" and "The Flowers That Bloom In The Spring" from The Mikado

    "Oh! False one, you have decieved me!" (I HAVE DECIEVED YOU?! YES! DECEIVED ME! <3<3), "Oh Is There Not One Maiden Breast" "A Pardox" and "Away, Away! My Heart's On Fire!" From Pirates of Penzance. OH! and "With Cat Like Tread, Upon Our Pray We Steal".

    "The Ballad Of Sweeny Todd", "The Worst Pies In London" and "Joanna" from Sweeny Todd, The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.

    ... Shit this list could go on forever. I'm stopping right here.

    What time is it where you are?
  • 1:20 AM

    how about you
  • It's just about 1:19 AM right now.

  • 6.21 PM

    I have the biggest urge to go watch Pirates of Penzance right now, but I've watched it so many times the video is pretty much ruined sad.gif

  • WOW! DINNER TIME <3 i had bbqed chinese food. ugh, i hate relatives that cook for you. and like.. i'm chinese and all (okay, half) but, i really get sick of chinese food. easily. so i made myself some hot dogs.

    chinese or japanese food?
  • Japanese, no contest.

    Blah. Should I go cook myself some dinner?
  • yeah, you should.

    should i go to sleep?
    (i should probably get in the habit of sleeping early before school starts)
  • Yeah, 'cause I'm gonna too.

    How long do you think it'll take me to finish my essays?
  • Yes you should.

    Should I tu rn off my computer now? I believe so. I may do so before you even respond w00t.
  • Um.
    Yeah you should..?

    do you eat meat but are thinking about becoming a vegitarian?
  • MEAT! the red kind.

    ever listen to a song for hours on end?
  • I've looped albums...

    and I've looped songs for long but I don't think for hours.

    Isn't goat curry delicious?
  • uh... i dont know how much i want to eat goats

    ist goat a funny name?
  • nah Goat is a good name for a goat.

    do you like to fish?
  • never fished before

    ever phish?
  • meh maybe, I can't remember ever listening to a Phish song...

    Whats the deal with J-pop?
  • its got it going on

    what up with j-rock?
  • J-rock kills j-pop, I'm assuming.

    Why does backwards audio sound so creepy?
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