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Do yourselves a favor and check out Locksley. I actually have MTV to thank for finding these guys. Angie snatched up their CD last week and I'm addicted. And they are CUTE too!! They sound kinda like the Beatles... Please...



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    If it makes you feel better, I'm really happy that you made this thread cuz I really like them an didn't know about them until I just saw this thread. I didn't see the other one. So, thank you! biggrin.gif
  • I'm really sad that they aren't playing an SF date. Half because I like them and half because I really like the band that's opening for them.
  • Tuscon? Why are they going to Tuscon to do an outdoor show? There's nothing there! Phoenix metro is the hip place.

    BTW: Katie, you rock! Thank you so much for making me discover this band.
  • i can't believe i can actually thank MTV for helping Angie and I discover them.
    seriously it was us sitting there and inbetween the Hills or something, we're both like "Wait, they're kinda cute... they sound really kick ass..." and boom Ang picked up the CD and we fell in love instantly.

  • hey, i noticed the guy in that picture you posted, katie, (the one second in from left) looks like a different guy. Cuz he doesn't look like Jordan, who is in the band now. Did they used to have someone else or something? I just kinda noticed that.
  • I read that their old bassist left the band about a year ago...not sure why. Jordan, Jesse's brother, played a show with them and then became a part of the the band officially after that smile.gif
  • ok, well I'm glad Jordan's in the band now. I like him, and Jesse biggrin.gif
  • So in my art foundations class we like to listen to music. Our teacher brings in a boom box and a bunch of CDs and says we can pick one of hers or bring in our own. So, yesterday I brought in my Locksley CD. When it started playing I saw people dancing around a little in their chairs to the music.

    And then people were like, "Who's is this?" I told them it was mine and then they asked who the band was. I told them Locksley, and they're like, "I've never heard of them." They really liked them though, which made me happy.

    I also got my two friends to listen to them, and they really liked them too biggrin.gif
  • Yay Locksley! I discovered them by accident too (only because they were opening for The Bravery a year ago). Just between us boardies, they actually respond to their own e-mails and don't have their own version of J0rge. ohmy.gif I had asked them about two things (if they had a message board and trying to find out what this one weird CD I had of theirs was since it didn't have a label) and got e-mails back from Jesse wub.gif and Sam.
  • wow.
    I can't. Wow. Dude. If you guys get to go see them this tour you are in for a special treat. We had a really intimate show tonight and, I just. Wow. It was SO much fun and the guys are SO incredibly nice. I can't. Wow. OK Go... you better come out w/ something new or... or else wink.gif I adore Kai... but holy crap, Jordan is just... fun. and a spitfire!! Angie and I both got into a Laz sandwich tonight and it was tasty.
  • QUOTE (katieyellow @ Oct 10 2008, 01:43 AM)
    We had a really intimate show tonight and, I just. Wow.

    Any pictures?
  • aww, I really can't wait to go Saturday biggrin.gif
  • These guys are fuckingawesome and adorable. They sound amazing, they're fun and so incredibly nice. Last night could not have been more perfect smile.gifsmile.gif
    Here are a few pictures...

    Laz sandwich (Katie and I were both lucky enough to get one last night)

    Kai and Jesse


    Jordan and Jesse

    Loving the guitar



    Jesse and Jason pow wow

    "Can I get on your back?!"
  • QUOTE (Beasle @ Oct 10 2008, 10:23 AM)
    Laz sandwich (Katie and I were both lucky enough to get one last night)

    How adorable! Thanks for sharing! You guys are really making me like Locksley all over again.

    They used to have the best videos on their MySpace account and YouTube account, but it looks like they deleted all the old ones! There were ones with the guys dancing at a gas station while filling up their car, Jesse and Aaron (former bassist) acting like idiots to Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy" and then sobering up to Patsy Cline's "Crazy", one of Kai shaving off shaving Sam's beard and being asked if he's ever shaved a girl (the look on Kai's face was priceless!), Jesse getting a haircut and then complaining that he felt naked because his shirt was off. Have you guys seen these? Not sure if they were moved somewhere else.
  • Aww, You and Jordan have matching pants! laugh.gif

    Awesome pictures!!

    I haven't seen those videos, they sound funny though!
  • QUOTE (Beasle @ Oct 10 2008, 07:23 AM)
    "Can I get on your back?!"

    Oh Jason. He hasn't changed at all. Still wearing all white and being crazy.

    QUOTE (ihave7stars @ Oct 10 2008, 07:43 AM)
    one of Kai shaving off shaving Sam's beard and being asked if he's ever shaved a girl (the look on Kai's face was priceless!)

    I remember that one! Mostly because I was sad they shaved it off. I like beards. I also kind of remember one where they were playing baseball in some apartment or something. I kept thinking that they were going to break something.

    QUOTE (Rebekker @ Oct 10 2008, 07:44 AM)
    Aww, You and Jordan have matching pants! laugh.gif

    My exact thought when I saw that pic.
  • QUOTE (ihave7stars @ Oct 10 2008, 08:53 AM)
    Any pictures?

    Yes!! When I get home, I'll be posting some myself smile.gif I'm glad Ang got some up...

    QUOTE (ezorvera @ Oct 10 2008, 07:54 PM)
    My exact thought when I saw that pic.

    Re: The matching pants, that's why I took the pic like that wink.gif
    To make me feel not so left out, Jordan thought I had black ones on, like Jesse's, and he's like, "oh, they're blue... RED WHITE (their shoes) AND BLUE!!!!"

    I loved them. And those videos sound hilarious, 7*'s... I wish I had seen them sad.gif there are very few of them being goofy up... there's one where Kai is singing Joy To The World by Three Dog Night, and then one where his hair looks ridiculous and he's just saying "hallelujah" over and over.

    Hymns was AMAZING!!! Jason was so funny and sweet. These guys rule smile.gif
  • I'm so glad you got good pictures, Angie. I didn't get any, cuz it was really dark in there so it took my camera forever to process the picture, and with them moving around so much all the pictures were blurry. So, I gave up and mainly took some video, which I'll try and get on youtube sometime soonish.

    Well, anyways, me and my friend Stacy got there really early so first we went over to the Starbucks we saw down the street and then we walked over to Beat Kitchen to check it out real quick and I saw a few of the band members from Hymns chilling outside. We checked with the guy inside for when we could get our tickets and then we decided to walk a bit since we still had a few hours.

    We went in an antique store, and then we decided to just go back the Beat Kitchen and see if there was anywhere to sit or something until they let us in. When we turned the corner I saw Locksley! Everyone except Jesse was out there. I was so excited. The tables and chairs that they had where already taken up, so I said we could just sit on the sidewalk and play cards. So we went back to the car to get Stacy's cards.

    When we came back Locksley was gone, so we sat down on the sidewalk and played cards for a while. While we were sitting there we saw Jordan, Jesse, and Sam walking along some houses coming back towards Beat Kitchen. They went inside, and after a while we just sat and waited until we saw a small line forming by the door, so we went over there to make sure we got in line before it got too long.

    There was a bar in the front of the place, and in the back room was where they had bands play and stuff. So, they put these big huge Xs on both of our hands if we were under 21 so we couldn't stay in the bar or get any drinks. And it was like permanent marker! It hasn't came off yet. And when I woke up this morning I had half of an X on my face from laying on it! It took me a while to scrub it off.


    It was a pretty small place and the stage was really small, so the band was really close. Especially since we were right up against it and there was no gate or fence separating them from us. Jordan and Jesse got right up to me a few times. Jordan got right in my face one time and was like 3 inches from my face!!! It was awesome!!!!

    Well, Hymns came on and they were pretty awesome. I really like them. And Jason is definitely amazing! He was jumping around the stage like crazy! And blowing bubbles with his gum as he played. After they were done the Bassist, Matt I think, held up a pick right above me and the people around me and said, "Anybody want a Kai loves me pick?" And everyone started reaching for it. My friend ended up getting it.

    When Locksley came on I was going crazy! I was so excited!! They're so fun! It was an amazing concert!! Apparently Jesse likes to shove his face against Jordan or Kai's and sing into the same microphone. It was so funny. About the third time that he did it to Jordan, eventually Jordan ended up shoving him away laugh.gif

    During one of the songs, Jordan got a water bottle and took a drink from it, and then went over to Sam at the drums and started pouring the water all over the cymbals and the drums! And then he turned around and flung the rest of the water out at the audience. I got splashed a little which actually felt good. It got kinda hot in there. I need to start learning to put my hair up at a concert or something, it's just too long. But then, since there was water on the cymbals, when Sam hit the two on the ends water splashed everywhere making a really cool effect! I got it on video too!

    There were many times when Jesse and Jordan would come up the edge of the stage and get down real close to everybody. One of the times Jordan walked over towards the edge of the stage right in front of me and then suddenly dropped down right in my face! wub.gif I didn't get any picks that were thrown. But when they left the stage I noticed a pick lying a little in front of me on the stage so I snatched it up and it was Kai's, and then the stage crew people who were cleaning up gave out a couple others, and I ended up getting a second Kai pick. My friend got a Kai AND a Jesse pick. I was so jealous. I like Kai, but I really wanted a Jesse or Jordan. They're my favorites. And then I got a drumstick that was lying on the stage too, which said Sam <3s Me! And a set list!! I was getting pretty darn lucky tongue.gif

    After they got off stage they stayed in the back room with everybody to talk to all the fans and stuff. After I saw all of Locksley I looked for Jason cuz I knew I had to talk to him for Kalinda. I saw him across a group of people and he wasn't talking to anyone and he saw me and waved. I'm assuming he recognized me from being there way early, cuz he was sitting outside Beat Kitchen when we got there and he was walking around back and forth on his phone for a long time while we were playing cards, and from being in the front row. I went over and asked to take a picture and he said, "Alright, who's taking it?" And I said Me, I guess, cuz my friend was off buying a CD or something. And he said, "Why don't we let (name) take it", I don't remember his name, and I don't think he was actually in the band, but involved with it somehow. So, he took my camera and then Jason just wrapped his arms around my neck. laugh.gif Then I talked to him a little bit and told him about how he has to come back to San Francisco. And then we said bye, and he told me thanks for coming out early, so he did notice me from before the show.

    I'm so happy I got to go see them!!! They were freaking AWESOME!!! I loved it! I wish they were coming around close to me again, cuz I would totally go see them again! But the rest of their tour isn't near me







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