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What OK Go songs would you like to see in their musically notated form? ALL of them, right? I know, but let's say if you had to pick one or two. What would they be?  I would want...(oh, golly, this is tough)...1000 Miles Per Hour. Now, I'm going to do the math and post this before I change my mind.


  • Probably All is Not Lost at the moment. 

    Also? This is semi-unrelated but I want to play the entire new album on Rock Band.  The drums are incredible. (YAY Math is 23!)

  • Only 2? Hmmm...

    #1 Invincible as it's my fave.

    #2 Unrequited Orchestra of Locomotion because I would love to see it on paper.

  • You don't have to stop at two. I had to set a limit for myself or I really would have listed them all. : )
  • Okay, I will pick another. How about......... Last Leaf!
  • Skyscrapers, please. My little girls (7 & 9) are wanting to learn it.
  • Becky, I would love to watch someone trying to notate "Unrequited Orchestra."  The laughs would never end.

    Umm, picking more songs.  During the Meet & Greet Damian said that there was a list already in the making and that it had most of what he expected, but that "Return" was left out and he thought that was something we'd want.  I would have to agree, I want "Return." 

    I'll just run through the albums and pick what I'd want.

    OK Go: Don't Ask Me, You're So Damn Hot, What to Do, 1000 MPH, Return, C-C-C-Cinnamon Lips, The Fix Is In, Bye Bye Baby

    Oh No: Invincible, Do What You Want, Oh Lately It's So Quiet, A Million Ways, No Sign Of Life, Let It Rain, Crash The Party, The House Wins

    OTBCOTS: WTF?, TTSP, All Is Not Lost, Needing/Getting, Before The Earth Was Round, Last Leaf, Back from Kathmandu, In The Glass

    I left a few songs off the list for OTBCOTS just because I think they'd be really hard to reproduce without a full band.

  • I second Return.

    "(Piano/Vocal/Guitar). For Guitar; Keyboard; Piano; Voice. This edition: Piano/Vocal/Guitar. Book; Personality Book; Piano/Vocal/Chords. Sheet Music Anthology. Pop/Rock. 96 pages. Published by Alfred Music Publishing (AP.35134).

    ISBN 0739070274. Pop/Rock.

    For the first time ever, worldwide superstars OK Go present a collection of piano/vocal/guitar sheet music for 15 of their best-loved songs, selected from the albums Ok Go, Oh No, and Of the Blue Colour of the Sky. Titles: 1000 Miles per Hour * Before the Earth Was Round * Do What You Want * Don't Ask Me * Get Over It * Here It Goes Again * In the Glass * Let It Rain * A Million Ways * Oh Lately It's So Quiet * This Too Shall Pass * What to Do * White Knuckles * WTF * You're So Damn Hot."


  • Thank you, Ms. Hannah.  Purchased.
  • I'm kind of sad Invincible and Needing/Getting aren't on there. And I'm a tad confused about Before the Earth Was Round considering a vocoder was used for the vocals. Oh well.

    I'm happy 1000 Miles Per Hour and In The Glass are on there, though.

  • Hey, there's an official guitar tablature book now! I AM SO GETTING IT!

  • Aleatory said:

    Hey, there's an official guitar tablature book now! I AM SO GETTING IT!

    It has Invincible and Needing/Getting in it. Most excellent.

  • DJRose said:

    Becky, I would love to watch someone trying to notate "Unrequited Orchestra."  The laughs would never end.


    Why?  It just seems to jump around, but is basically built around a synth riff, two or three chord progressions, and three solos.

    Edit: And that envelope filter on the bass is awesome.

    Edit: Also, for guitar, there's this site:

    The tabs are unofficial and really range in accuracy, but there's a lot there and some of the stuff is pretty good.  They have Hello My Treacherous Friends (okay, I submitted that one) and quite a few other songs not in the books.
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