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I just wanted to create a consolidated list of people who are having problems with account mergers. I'll post a link to this in the Bug thread so Andy knows exactly all the accounts to fix. So if you're having this problem, post your name here:

Toiletdog, I know you're one.


  • Well, this idea failed. Sorry, Andy. Ah well. Hope all the people with merger problems get their accounts fixed.  
  • Thanks YoDoofball! I did have a merger problem but I don't care too much about getting my old posts back. I wonder if the old account should be deleted??
  • It is getting to be very aggrivating to sign in as Sunnyside only to have my post show up as "facebook user"!! Just now, I tried to log out of the message board so I could log back in as me and it won't let me log out! Yell I should be able to have the message board and facebook open at the same time without losing my identity. Cry It doesn't seem to be doing this every time. What's up?
  • yeah. this is my first post. and my first one ever apparently...? mine didn't merge.
  • BOO Problems, but YAY KATIE!!!!!!!!!
  • What'v-I-done?!?

    What have I done, what have I done??!?

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