ok go in manchester

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omg omg omg I've ordered me a ticket and am gonna c our favourite boys in manchester on july 25th!!! wahay!!!!!!!! is anyone else going? xxxxxxxxxxxxx


  • My friend is going and I know Head Full Of Crazy is going :)

  • squashedbanana said:

    My friend is going and I know Head Full Of Crazy is going :)

    Are you going with your friend, Jade? You know, there's no such thing as too many OK Go shows* Wink

    *Assumption based on circumstantial, but convincing, evidence and not actual experience... yet.

  • Unfortunately I cant go because I go on holiday on that day grr

    And I planned to give them potpourri so their clothes smell nice and not of icky-ness. I'll tell my friend to do that for me :)

  • yup yup, ill be there, seeing them twice in two days!

    woo, ill be their, with a floopy haired guy, a fat asian and my best friend kez

    if you spot us, come say hello, we will probally be the very loud ones in the front row

  • lol will do huns :) i'm very excited i love manchester
  • my ticket came tuesday, the same day i got my uni results :) i text my friend and he was all like, 'ok Ems calm down' and i was like, 'yeah but they're so fit and so cool!' omg i'm 23 acting like a 16 year old
  • 23?! omg EPIC WIN

    You should totally get 23 for math required :P

    Yay for sixteen year olds :D:D:D:D

  • i am 23 year old ok go fangirl yes :) my m8 was like, 'don't worry we all act like kids now and again' lololol

  • I'm a 35 year old fangirl, so there!

    Okay all you UK folk - pictures and when (not if!) you get to say hi to the boys, don't forget to mention, oh, yeah, I'm a Boardie! =D

  • well........i'm going on sunday, to all those that have seen them, is it worth me getting excited or is it worth me getting excited?

  • actually i am very very very excited :) i don't think i'm gonna scream though, like I used to do at conceerts when i was younger lol
  • Omg last night they just, it was just the best gig i've been to, like ever. After the gig, I was by the tourbus and Dan and Tim came out first, and I kissed them both and hugged them and said the show was amazing and how I'd come from Leicester to see them in Manchester. I had my photo taken on my phone and Dan was really determined to get a decent picture of us both, and then Damian came bounding out of nowhere. I was like, 'Hi Dami, I'm Emily' and he said, 'Hi Emily,' and we hugged, and I was like, trying really hard not to be all fangirly, but at the same time I was thinking, 'omg he said my name!' (faints). He was really cool and we just stood there for ages, by the tourbus, talking about stuff, like music and we got into a conversation about The Pixies. There was this guy that had a packet of cigarettes and Damian asked him if he could buy one off him, and when I decided I wanted to buy a cigarette aswell, Damian was like, '...and can I have one for her aswell' :) :) i was like, 'no u shouldn't!' and he was all like, 'no its fine-uv enjoyed the show and you've come all this way -you deserve it'. So I was stood with him, smoking a cigarrette he'd bought me and having a really cool chat. When Andy turned up I just melted, he is just sooooo  adorable, I could have hugged him forever and ever. He said, 'Oh I like your necklace' and I said, 'thanks-my boyfriend got it me for my birthday!' and he said, 'well he has gr8 taste!' aaaw! I was saying to him and Tim about how I'd just graduated from Uni and that I'd had the big ceremony with the mortaboard and robes etc. and they said congratulations.

    Now at this point, cos i was so ecstatic, and cos i'd been doing so much singing at the gig I desperately needed a drink, like something really ice cold and so I sprinted across the road to Mcdonalds, where Damian was at the counter, buying a big cheeseburger meal thing. So I was thinking, 'ok this is surreal, this is like, I must be dreaming' but he just very casually said, 'oh hello again!' We were talking about me getting my degree, and when the guy serving us asked me what i wanted and i said a big cup of diet coke, Damian went, 'oh I'll get you that aswell'. I just thought, 'woah woah woah woah woah-what is a rockstar doing buying me a diet coke?!' lololol I started coming over all fangirly i.e. silly and giggly, but he gave me a big cuddle and said, 'ah its okay Emily' and we said our goodbyes.

    well i just still can't believe, i still can't get my head round how awesome they were 2 mewhen i met them :) i love love love love love them all so much!!!!

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