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Dear OK Go Fans,

For those of you who don't already know, I, Andrew Scott Duncan (Andy), have decided to move on from OK Go. It seems to me that I'm at a critical point in my life where my commitments at home outweigh those involved with touring. I've found that life on the road is not where I am at my best. Unfortunately, the timing of this realization leaves me sad, as I believe that this upcoming record that we made together totally rules and there are even better times to be had: the boys are going to move up and beyond.

They say that hindsight is 20/20. So only the future will tell whether leaving OK Go was the right thing for all of us. But for the moment there are a few things that I do know:

1. I will not miss Damian's relentless flatulence
2. Dan's penchant for boondoggling and swaggling
3. Tim's reluctance for being open about our feelings for each other

Aside from that, I also know one other thing: that OK Go is a great band. The most motivated, playful and talented group of guys I've ever worked with. All the hard work and play that we've done as a band has taught me life lessons that will surely endure through my midlife crisis and beyond.

In the meantime I've got music and yoga classes to teach and a film score/soundtrack in the works. Currently I'm producing a group out of LA/SF called the Seahorse Liberation Army making le dance music for le discotheques and loving every minute of it, scrapping it up, and sending it through the other guy's window.

So thanks to everyone who has supported me and kept me supplied with toothpicks & such. Rock on everyone, and fight the good fight.

I'll see you when I see you.


Andrew Scott Duncan,


  • Oh my - you wil be missed. Good luck.
  • NOOOO!!!! What will become of the band!!!!!! Are they goign to stay together?!
  • when is he leaving? or has he left already? and who is gunna fill in on guitar during the tour coming up?
  • he recorded the album
    he left already so he won't be on the tour
    and no word on a replacement yet.
  • Just got back from the Chicago show at the Bottle, and I was so shocked not to see you there. I couldnt even buy a shirt, cause well your face is on it. Good luck to you, and wish you well. Besides I think you wouldnt have done so hot in the coreographed dance.
  • Part of me hates to reply to this because it'll bump it back up to the top of the forum, and it really doesn't need to be there, but, dude. Totes inappropriate. Andy Duncan is a cool dude.

    Also, spell check.

  • Katy,

    You were right to reply. Had I noticed it when it came across my RSS feed (the only way I am really connected to the board anymore, since my username/issues were never resolved), I would have responded immediately. What tiff124 was incredibly inappropriate, not to mention JUVENILE. You, m'dear, clearly have no concept of what is/not rude.

    I have only recently realized that unless one person stands up, issues such as these will not be resolved. So, kudos to Katy.

  • I know TD and Katy (thumbs up to both of you) already replied to this, but I have to throw my two cents in.

    As new as I am to the board, I feel that I should give a reprimand also. I know earlier I chided Tiff about yelling on message boards, and obviously she hasn't learned from that experience. I don't want to hate on haters (whether or not they deserve it) but really, at least, if you're going to insult someone, use correct grammar. I've noticed that this board, out of many, many others on the great wide internets has at least some sense of eloquism (is that a word?) and taste, partially because we all try to be nice and constructive, and (possibly) because our boys (including BOTH Andys) show that they make the effort to be positive and intelligent too.

    I have to apologize, I noticed this post back in August and just brushed it off as a fangirlish rant that didn't warrant a reply, but now that Katy said something, I realize that I should have gotten up on my moral high horse a long time ago. I suppose I kind of make it my mission over on the Youtubes; whenever I see someone hating on the Duncan, I make a point to say something. Yes, the Rusty we know and love is a great replacement for the original Andy, but really, would we be hating on him if he had remained in the band? No. Duncan would just continue to be one fourth of the awesomeness that is OK Go. Yes, I love Rusty. Maybe he has a better stage presence or attitude or something, but I can't pass judgement because I wasn't a part of this community during the pre-Rusty days. And I assume that Tiff wasn't either, so darling, please don't diss something you (most likely) know little to nothing about. 

    And another note: Rusty has only been an 'official' part of this band for a relatively small amount of time. Although he's been in all the videos from Oh No onward, Duncan was the one who wrote/recorded the guitars from OK Go and Oh No, (and as far as I know, Appendices) and arguably, they would not be who they are today without him. He was a founding member, and that gives him major points in my book.

    So in conclusion: While Rusty is awesome (and indeed, good-looking) that doesn't warrant insults toward Duncan. So please, tiff124, in the future, please refrain from yelling and posting inane (and to use TD's word) juvenile comments like the one above. I don't know if you'll ever read this (and God knows it's long) but think before you post. All the people here are here for one reason: we love OK Go and all they do, past and present. We're all mature enough to not start a flame war, and let's keep it that way.

    Thank you, and goodnight, America.

    And a happy, yet coincidental note: my desktop background is on rotation every ten minutes and pretty much as soon as I started typing this, a pic came up of Classic OK Go with Duncan and Scraggly Dan.

    (I'm sorry for the incredibly long response, but bad grammar and insults toward something I love get me fired up. Also, I apologize for the overuse of parentheses.)

  • I'll jump on the support bandwagon as well.

    I saw the post back when it first came up, but I didn't respond because A) as Katy said it would keep the thread at the top of the page and B) I felt that it didn't even deserve a response.  But I agree with everyone else.  We all love ARoss, and we are glad he's in the band.  If he had never joined OK Go, I might have never heard of my beloved Serious Business Records.  HOWEVER, Andy Duncan was the main guitarist for 2/3 of the music OK Go has released, and therefore deserves some respect.

    And for what it's worth, I have been a fan since the Andy Duncan era, I've seen him play, and that was a kick-ass concert.  That was the night I first fell in love with OK Go. 

    All the OK Go Andys get love here - Andy Duncan, Taxpayer, ARoss, and even Pandy (though he never comes around here anymore).

  • DJRose said:

    All the OK Go Andys get love here - Andy Duncan, Taxpayer, ARoss, and even Pandy (though he never comes around here anymore).

    Though I don't know Taxpayer, I love all the other Andys as well.  Sorry for bump-age.

  • LOL, Sam, if you read the letter Andy Duncan wrote at the top of the post, he signs it "Andrew Scott Duncan, Taxpayer." 

    I knew that would get misunderstood.

  • DJRose said:

    LOL, Sam, if you read the letter Andy Duncan wrote at the top of the post, he signs it "Andrew Scott Duncan, Taxpayer." 

    I knew that would get misunderstood.

    OHh hahaha derr derr.  I haven't read the letter in a while.  Imma spazz

  • i still come around now and then =p

    <3 you girls

    i actully saw this ages ago also, and used that "report this post" function, and filled in the little form

    no idea whom that actully tells and all that, but i did that kinda responce, rather then causeing a fuss

    my fuss causeing days on the internet are behind me i think =p

  • Uh, can you say Billy Preston?Wink
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