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Northern Lights, Albany, NY 10/27/10

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According to This Article Damian sang "While You Were Asleep" in Albany last night.  The article is ridddled with spelling errors, but if this is factually correct I will die tomorrow.  Die.  D-E-D dead. 

Edited because I forgot to include the link.  I am so smart.


  • Oooooo... Can I get a concert call if they do??? Kiss

    Doesn't seem like a Freakfest type song... hoping I am wrong!!

  • Got goosebumps just thinking about Damian singing "While You Were Asleep" live. 
  • So we all know, this was factually incorrect.  Damian continues to sing "Last Leaf" which makes a lot of sense with the video coming out... next week?
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