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Where do you listen?

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I now have quite a few ways of getting my OK Go fix:

My Of the Blue Colour of the Sky CD is listened to in the car on the way to work and from work and any other car journey we make.  My husband must also tolerate me singing along (how loudly depends on what kind of day I've had!)

This CD then accompanies me into the kitchen and is played while we're cooking and washing up.  Some evenings while I'm cooking I might watch the DVD that came with the special edition of Oh No (my husband bought me a new DVD player to play it on because it's a region one DVD...bless him!)

In the evenings while I'm on the computer I listen to a mixture of all three albums (including disk two of the ENE of OTBCOTS), the USB stick of the Red Rocks Casino gig and any random Youtube videos I find.  This may include the wearing of headphones if my husband starts teasing me about being obsessive!

Where do you listen? Smile

p.s. I hope this hasn't been discussed anywhere else, I did do a search, but didn't really find anything similar...


  • I start every day with OK Go.  I spend 50 minutes with them while I run 4.5 miles on the treadmill:

    This Too Will Pass

    What  To Do

    All is Not Lost

    Here it goes again

    White Knuckles

    Do what you want

    Good idea at the time

    You're so damn hot

    Get over it

    Don't ask me

    End Love


    Crash the Party

    House Wins

    While You Were Asleep

    My husband can't understand how I can listen to the same thing Every. Single. Morning.  But it's my routine... I know how far I've gone (or how far I have left) based on what song is playing.  And besides, at 4:00 in the morning, I don't need a lot of variety.  I'm barely awake.  Their upbeat music (at least the songs in my playlist) are a great way to wake up.

    Of course, I listen to their music the rest of the day, too, because I don't have any of their slower songs in my treadmill routine. I have a Pandora music list based on OK Go, so I am able to listen to them all day at work - mixed in with other like artists.  

  • You guys have amazing husbands, that's for sure!

    Ok Go on my Itouch is the best way to get through my least favorite chore. Laundry. It's my least favorite not because I don't enjoy clean clothing and bedding (I actually celebrate a "holiday" known as Clean Sheet Day whenever possible!), but because it's almost 2 blocks and the world's slowest elevator ride to my building's laundry facility and then a key-coded, weighted, non-automatic door (hard enough to open while driving a wheelchair, let alone while balancing a basket on your knees and detergent on your footrest!). I have to make the circuit at least twice for each load of things I want to wash because of items that don't go in dryers and such, so my "OK Goodness" playlist, which is essentially every regular album and b-side plus the Spring Tour USB and the 10-10-10 Chicago USB (Thanks again Amber!) will get me through most of that ordeal .

    Plus, sketchy neighbors are much less likely to try and distract me en route when I'm in the OK Go zone, which leads to far fewer incidences of missing the elevator, thereby missing the 5 minute window where I can add more time to dryers without having to shell out for an entire extra cycle.

    I also use OK Go as a between-assignments-brain-cleaner when I'm reviewing… it lets my mind relax as well as acting as a set point for my musical judgement without getting me too off course (using Prince never works, because I end up leaving the desk to dance, and using other music I really love leads to too much daydreaming about past and future exploits!Smile).

  • What a fun thread!  I don't get to listen as much as you ladies, because my job does not allow me to listen to music (I'm a receptionist, front desk is SILENT), but I often listen on my walk to/from work in the morning, at lunch, or at the end of the day.  I also love to listen when I'm in the car.
  • Oh Rachel, I'm so sorry!!  I do database development all day and wouldn't be able to function without music in my earbuds.

    Ironically, the one place I don't listen to OK Go is in the car.  That fact that I carpool with my husband may have something to do with that - we're usually talking to each other or listening to NPR.

  • Yeah, it was an adjustment for me to not get to listen to music.  But I've been in this position for almost 5 years now and that's the ONE downside (aside from the expected ones that go along with being a receptionist).  So you learn to cope.  If I had any other job, though, you can bet good money that I'd have at least 30 Pandora stations to choose from on any given day.

    Adam and I used to drive to work together too; we have shared our one car for the almost 8 years we've lived together.  Actually that's how my love of OK Go started; we used to have the self-titled CD on repeat when we first moved in together. :-)  He still loves them, and Oh No is still in his Top 5 CDs of all time, but my level of fandom grates on his nerves a bit sometimes.

  • This IS a fun thread! Laugh

    I listen everywhere I get a chance, but the majority of the time, I have a random shuffle of all my OK Go related  music and interviews playing in the background while I am on the computer at home.  I have also burned special "mood" mixes for the car stereo.  The funny thing is, even if I don't have the music actually playing on nearby speakers, I generally have one of their songs going through my head.  Right now, "Before the Earth Was Round" has that distinction! Smile

    My whole family (incl. hubby) is hooked, and I am not complaining! Cool

  • I listen to a mix of high-energy OK Go during my morning workout (because, let's face it, nothing else is going to motivate me to run on a trampoline at 5am).  I usually listen to a random mix of all the OK Go songs I have while I'm cooking dinner, and frequently have the same mix playing whenever I have to drive (I hate driving, so soothing music makes it easier).  Therefore, my kids have memorized quite a lengthy catalog of OK Go lyrics and melodies.  The 2-year-old has started pointing at the computer and demanding "Day-meen, Day-meen!" when he wants to hear some OK Go, which I of course love to oblige. LOL  Everyone in my household has their favorite OK Go video, so we frequently use a "video break" as a reward for things like getting all the toys picked up before dinner, or getting ready for school extra-fast.  

    And sometimes I'm waaaay down in the dumps and need to go hide in a dark place with my earbuds in and TTSP turned all the way up on repeat.  Sometimes I put the earbuds in and a mix of calmer OK Go on really low to fall asleep to, when I'm having a tough night.

    And yeah, I've got a sexy OK Go mix for when it's bedroom "business time."  Embarassed

  • I listen to them whenever possible. Right when I wake up in the morning, I grab my iPod and start with White Knuckles or something. I listen to the whole thing of OTBCOTS, until the bus stops at my school. When I get on the bus to go home, I immediately start again on whichever song my friend chooses. I've pretty much memorized the order of every song on their most recent CD.

    When I get home and get on the computer, I go to either their music playlists or YouTube to listen. And after the computer shuts off, back to the iPod.

    And during the day, 50% of what my friends hear from me is about them, or some mumble jumble from their videos that makes me laugh and them weirded out and deciding whether or not to take me to a mental institute.

    " Amazed."

  • First off, great thread topic!

    Well, I usually play OK Go via iTunes while I'm doing anything on my computer.  While I'm out, I like to play them on my ipod during my life drawing class or during long nights in the animation lab.  I listen to them if I'm doing a closing shift at work [I work in a clothing store, so we stay 2-4 hours after closing to clean up] since high energy music gets my blood pumping!  OK Go have ended up on the store music loop a few times as well, and I pretty much start jamming in the middle of work. 

  • I listen to them just about everywhere.

    And I would listen to them in a boat!
    And I would listen to them with a goat...
    And I will listen to them in the rain.
    And in the dark. And on a train.
    And in a car. And in a tree.
    They are so good so good you see!

    So I will listen to them in a box.
    And I will listen to them with a fox.
    And I will listen to them in a house.
    And I will listen to them with a mouse.
    And I will listen to them here and there.
    Say! I will listen to them ANYWHERE!

    But seriously, I actually listen to them in the rain, in the dark and on the train. I listen to them in my car and in a box (my cube at work). I listen to them in my house which could possibly have a mouse.

  • becky = genious

    look it up

  • Tempe Arizona said:

    becky = genious

    look it up

    Aw shucks, you're making me blush. 

  • Well,I have school all day so I can't listen to OK Go as much as I did in the summer.

    But I have a playlist on my Ipod called "OK Go/Secret Dakota ring".With almost every OK Go/SDR song on it. I usally listen to on the way to school,any free classes,hiking,even when I'm trying to sleep,and I tavel a lot so I listen to it then.

    Pretty much I listen to it everytime I get on my Ipod. :D

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