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Last Leaf Speculation/Official Vid



  • jedi_grrlie said:

    PS, re: Becky - I totes made the "Origin of Love" connection, too. I just posted about that on t1p!g last night, fo srs.

    Great minds think alike.

  • I sincerely apologize if this is a duplicate post, but I was digging through this thread and didn't see it anywhere.... when was Episode 5 posted at the Cre8yourworld site?

    Nothing earth shattering here... but it's our guys and they're fun to watch.

  • It just posted a couple days ago to YouTube. I found it this morning, but couldn't share due to, um, I'm going to go with gremlins... I hadn't seen it anywhere else either.

    It's really fun to watch and a nice wrap up. I just adore the little, not-insignificant-but-almost-interstitial moments that behind-the-scenes things like this give us (Jeez, it's fine if it's loud, jus lissen to it ! At least I think that's what D says Laugh. Also the alternate Danke Schoen lyric = love). I like knowing that my favorite artists are just as goofy as I am. Wink

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