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Ok, so we know it's Tim's side project, but what is it, and what's this all about? I feel left out :(


  • Don't feel left out, I'm pretty sure that is all that there is know right now.

    However, I did find two things.

    #1 Dave Fridmann is mixing the songs.

    #2 Pyyramids is a music project he's been working on with a friend from Chicago. And it looks like it's set to drop in October. And there may even be a 10" vinyl!
  • I am looking forward to it.  I loved Tim's stuff from People.  He has a wonderful voice and I love how he was able to evoke so much feeling with such spare arraignments.
  • So, it looks like their first single is up for free download on bandcamp:



    Also, there seems to be a website brewing...  I thought this page had some interesting info:
  • That page has some pretty awesome info. Not to mention it's actually a Tumblr page. All you kids should go and follow it. Follow it now!
  • Holy crap.

    Has anyone else listened to it? It's kind of amazing. Surprised

    I honestly think I'm in love with it.
  • Does anyone know who the members of Pyyramids are?
  • BeckiWitte said:

    Does anyone know who the members of Pyyramids are?

    looks like our dear Timothy Nordwind and Drea Smith (whose birthday is coincidentally today- Oct. 7th... hmmm, does anyone see a coincidence? Wink)
  • oh, crud... I hate it when it signs me in under my facebook Frown
  • Drea Smith?  Well she has a bit of a Kate Bush vibe, yes?  I love it!
  • For anyone not following PYYRAMIDS' Twitter or OK Go's Twitter, PYYRAMIDS will be debuting at the CMJ Showcase on Wednesday, October 19th at 4:30pm over at Piano's on Ludlow Street. 158 Ludlow Street, NYC to be exact.  It's FREE! If you can go, then get your ass there and come back here and let us know everything that happened!
  • Yes, what Becky said!  I can't go because I'm stuck at work in Delaware until 5, so someone else needs to go represent the boards!
  • Nuts, wrong side of the country.  Who's near NYC?


    Anyways, who's ordering the tshirt pack?  The shirts look pretty rad but I can't decide between black and white.
  • Look who dropped in the Serious Business Studio for a Break Thru Radio segment:


    I so wish I was able to see them tomorrow. Why doesn't anything happen in Chicago? WHY?!




    I loves Pyyramids, just saying. But I knew I would. We all knew we would, right

  • Just curious - did anyone make it to the show on Wednesday?  I seriously considered ditching work and driving to NYC.  Would have been an awesome bday present to myself Laugh.
  • I'm mega pumped. But in the back of my head I'm kind of wondering, "What's going to happen to People?"

    Has he tweeted about anything? I haven't been up to date at ALL.
  • That is one seriously dark video.  I can't stop listening to the song.  But the video?  Any one know whose intellectual baby that was?  It is not that I dislike it, I am just curious.
  • Hey Chicago people! PYYRAMIDS will be at the Double Door on December 8th! Click here for more info.


    Finally us Chicagoans get to see some of the side projectz. Yay!
  • Anyone have any idea about lyrics?

    I'm gonna ask Drea again but I feel like I'm bothering them too much....
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