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OK Go Shoes!!!

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I Need help!!

I recently watched and interview with Damian and i noticed that there was some OK Go shoes in the video! I have looked everywhere for them but can't for the life of me find them. If anyone knows anything about them and how i can get my hands on them i will be VERY thankful!


Here is the video:


Thank you :)


  • Hi Miffer7 and welcome to the Boards!

    Most likely, Damian made those shoes himself. All you need are a pair of new/clean white hi-top Chucks and a black Sharpie.

    Also, should you have any future questions, you can post them over in the Don't Ask Me thread. It's much easier to keep the questions about band stuff in that thread than keep making new threads.
  • Hello :)

    Thanks for the reply, much appreciated! But, i'm absolutely devastated about this news! I would love a pair of these shoes. I've watched the video again and i'm not too sure if he has made them himself, either he has had them printed or he has some unbelievable artistic talent! Also, i'm not the best artist you've ever seen :P so i would not be able to replicate them :/ Let's just hope that the band decides to sell them and i will be the first one to buy a pair, despite the cost!

    By the way, thanks for the advice, any other questions i have i will post in that thread.


    Thank you :)
  • Damian's awesome shoe-drawing-on talent aside, I thought they looked printed too.  I wonder if these are a soon-to-be-available item in the store?  Pure speculation.
  • To those of you who want the shoes, but do not feel like you can draw them freehand,


    Just go to a craft store like Michael's, or A. C. Moore and buy letter stencils.  While you are there, buy the fabric paint or your color may bleed when the shoes get wet.
  • inb4 I make shoe making buisness. That would be so awesome.

    If I had money for converses right now I'd be all on it for you.
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