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A Super Secret Survey from The Management

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Mike Lavigne here from OK Go's management company. We have a bizarre question about a future project, and we thought who better to ask than the boardies. If you have a moment, please click the link below to take the survey. It's exactly four questions long (you'll be quick to figure out why…), just make sure you click 'submit' after each question so all of your answers come through.

Here it is:

Thanks, guys!

(and of course, if I've posted this in the wrong place, I'm hoping the MODs will kindly move it for me to its rightful home)



  • Hi Mike, you're in the right place.

    And yes, that is completely bizarre, while very, very thought provoking. I think it might take quite a few of us a while to answer each question.
  • I, um, would just like all of you to know that Lilac is my favorite flower.  


    Just sayin'.
  • I'm missing the 'a thousand enchanted forests' there. lol, just kidding. 

    Maaan, this took me a while. But I'm glad most of us are kinda on the same page. We're such a weird awesome group of people = obviously OK Go fans. 
  • Wow...  This made my entire day.  XD  I have some theories about this (and if I'm right, I totally skewed the results because I was thinking about those theories while taking the survey, but it won't matter too much; I'll just be the weird one out), but I think I should keep my speculation to myself until the results are in.
  • Niiice ;D  I love it.  Whatever this turns into, I love it.
    My picks didn't match anyone's either, TipoDeemin.  Not because of theories--just because they didn't, I guess.
  • OK Here's a strange thing.  I seem to be totally in sync with the other boardies.  All of my vote were the most popular choices.  Weird.
  • So, we're confident with Andy and Damian, but we're on the fence as to Dan and Tim. Hmmm… very interesting.


    And I still say that whiskey should have been one of the options.
  • Haha yes, bizarre and thought-provoking indeed. Thanks to everybody who answered already. For those of you who haven't yet, please do!
  • Interesting, I matched the votes for Damian and Tim but I matched way less for Dan and Andy, both one person agreeing with me. :)

    And I think it's even so thought-provoking that I probably won't be able to sleep all night because of well, um, thoughts. But I'm sure it's gonna turn out to be awesome! :D
  • Rats, my votes were kinda top 4-ish, guess I need to brush up on my knowledge. I'd have thought for sure Tim was a shoo-in for cinnamon, ya know, with Cinnamon Lips and all… ;)


    weird tmi fact, my mom almost named me Cinnamon back in her hippie days, lol.
  • Serotonin said:

    weird tmi fact, my mom almost named me Cinnamon back in her hippie days, lol.

    Ha--Neil Young fan?
  • So it turned out to be actual car fresheners after all! They look nice. Now I want to smell them! ;)
  • I called 3 of 4. How'd you all fare?
  • None of four Laugh

    Brad just freaked me out right now--I'm sitting here on the couch with my laptop while he watches TV and I click on the air fresheners link on the front page and briefly tell him the story of the survey, "Lol it's so hilarious they made air fresheners," etc., and read off what each of the guys wound up as, and he goes, "I wouldn't have said pineapple for Tim--I would think of him as mushrooms or something like that, something earthy."


    "I can't believe you even have an *opinion* on what Tim would be."  Wtf is going on here?  L.O.L.

    Then he says with complete equanimity, "Do you want those for your Valentine's Day present?"

    And I say, "Yes ... Yes, I do."  And die laughing, as I had no plans on buying these, not because I wouldn't like them, but because, you know, I'm poor.

    Anyway, the whole thing just struck me hilarious.  Yay, marriage.
  • That's a pretty funny story :)

    It's great you have a hubby so ready to get something like that. But yeah, on second thoughts, associating the guys with a scent makes me giggle. If I get this, now every time I get pizza will I think of Tim?
  • Hopefully.
  • I got two, Andy and Dan.  I still think Damian of more of a coffee, than as a new car.
  • I got Damian & Dan.  I wish I could go back into the survey because I don't remember what I put for Andy, but I know it wasn't cinnamon because that's what I put for Tim.
  • Well, I got all of them wrong, haha. I kind of wish one of them had gotten leather. That is like my favorite scent ever. :)

    Now I'll have to beg my mother to let me buy them. *Sigh* Things would be easier if I weren't so obsessed with them. :D
  • Sheri, I'm still laughing at the 'something earthy' comment xD
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