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Best live versions of songs?

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I'm trying to find as many good (recording quality) live OK Go songs as I can, with the intention of basically taking live recordings of each song, from the gmail account or YouTube audio rips, then fitting them seamlessly together in such a way that it sounds like a concert, where the set-list consists of an album's tracklist in order.  If I can finish an album, I will upload it to the gmail account.  So far I've found:

Get Over It (gmail account)

What To Do (Electric) (gmail account)

1000 MPH (gmail account)

There's A Fire (gmail account)

Hello, My Treacherous Friends (gmail account)


Television, Television

While You Were Asleep (intro music, can't remember from what)


Note that I will not use audio from USBs, 180/365, etc.


That said, does anyone know of good versions of other songs/better versions than the ones I mentioned here?


Edit:  Is the Milwaukee thing on a USB?  If so, I can find a different one.


  • They didn't start selling the USBs until Indianapolis on April 21, 2010. The Milwaukee show was on April 16, 2010, so you should be able to use that show's YouTube clips.
  • This is a pretty darn good version of Invincible.  There is no audience, so there are no cheers (bummer) but the sound quality is great!

  • 1. I miss the paisley!
    2. Is Damian high?!
    3. Their voices r all soooo much better now :")
    4. I want Tim's lightning lapel!
  • Update:

    For OK Go (album) I just need a good recording of Don't Ask Me.  There's one on the Gmail account that is good quality except the lyrics are altered and the guitar's really far back in the mix, an acoustic version, and one that sort of cuts out in parts.  If anyone knows of a video on YT with good sound that I could rip, please post a link as I can't find one.


    OK Go (album) might have a couple of songs at the end that I feel should have been on the album too, such as Train and ITTHACWTBDFTSWYD.


    I will start working more on Oh No and OTBCOTS when I finish OK Go.


    Edit: Also an important point is that, to my knowledge, Shortly Before The End, Maybe This Time, End Love, and Before The Earth Was Round have never been played live, so those will not be included.


    Edit 2: I found a good version of Don't Ask Me.  I'll start the editing process tonight.
  • They did perform End Love "live" on The Tonight Show. I can't find a video for it in a quick search. The one place I did find it, it was removed by the owner. I'm sure it's still out there somewhere.


    I don't think they'll ever perform BTEWR live. The other two, there might still be a chance.
  • I'll try to find that recording then.  It probably can't be found on the Internet, but I'll still try.

    Quite a few of the recordings are already on the Gmail account, but I am editing the ones from there that I am using so it's not exactly the same, i.e., merging crowd noises together, etc.

    I'm uploading the first four songs right now, more might come later today if I can finish them.

    Edit: I found a live recording of End Love.  It's not the best quality you'll ever hear, but at least it's something.
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