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  • Hello there! I’m not exactly sure on the lyrics,the best bet would be if someone has the album and therefore the “official” lyrics?
  • Aaand, they're not playing Riot Fest anymore. Oh well. BUT, they did do a Corporate show last year and someone is selling one of the treadmills that were used in the show. It's only $500 and is in the Boston area. If you want it, check it out her…
  • Is actually a secret robot hired by ok go to create the perfect yogurt smoothies
  • I like the classic pencils and paper. Although I have been playing around with computer art lately. I don't really have a place were people can find my work at the moment,but thanks for showing interest! I can do both cartoon and realistic,but I ove…
  • Hey Chelsea. Don't worry I'm with you! The forums are barely active anymore so I agree. My name's Victoria (but you can call me Red). I'm from New York. An interesting fact...I'm a pretty decent artist and I love to draw. And I basically like every…
  • I'm not keen on math myself,but a little bit of the pathagoren theorem is always fun. Or Maybye factoring a quadratic function. If you created a band,what would be its name?
  • Has a colorful imagination and brilliant writing skills
  • Dreams
  • This dream was all-over-the-place. Basically,a friend and I heard Damian was in town,so we went out of our way running to every store looking for things to buy him while (wait for it....) singing the following: "We're looking for (insert 4-syllable…
  • make it a point to everyone in the math classroom that the number "23" has appeared somewhere.
  • Carousel! Because...natural appeal? I like all the colors and lights and the excitement you would get from "picking" your "own" horse. What do you have a fear of?
  • Monster
  • YOU KNOW YOUR OBSESSED WHEN.... You find a way to mention OK Go on your English State Test. (Last year;Question was "name somebody/group that tries to impact society in a way like *character* did in the story & compare. Pretty sure I just talke…
  • Oh gosh,probably very liquid-y substance. I guess it would be salty,and verry fruit-flavored. Like a tropical Drink,but the specific flavor depends who is drinking it. How many times to you think you've been reincarnated?
  • Hey there sureeyesawake! Yeah I'd like to share a few once I get the time. I use them every day it's like a new language. For christmas a friend of mine made me an OK Go Refrence Book to keep track of them all.I'll send a picture :))