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  • I'm listening to it (out of order; that might be a problem). So far I've listened to "Obsession," "The Great Fire," and "Lullaby." "Lullaby" has sort of an Appendices vibe, doesn't it? Edit: This album's a lot calmer than OTBCOTS. It's very good…
  • "Another Set of Issues" is pretty good. I was expecting something much darker based on the album preview, but it's still one of my favorite new ones.
  • When I first heard the album preview, I was a bit disappointed. "Upside Down and Inside Out" seemed like it would be the first OK Go song that I actively disliked, "Obsession" sounded like a mediocre IWYSBICB clone, and the other songs didn't seem …
    in Hungry Ghosts Comment by Chips July 2014
  • I like the EP a lot more than I thought I would. Although "I Won't Let You Down" has some ridiculous lyrics.
    in Upside Out Comment by Chips July 2014
  • After listening to the previews a few times it sounds like another very good album overall. I'm especially looking forward to hearing "Another Set of Issues" and "The Great Fire." I have a question about the pre-order though. On that site it says…
    in Hungry Ghosts Comment by Chips May 2014
  • Based on this, I think we'll be hearing the album or at least another song very soon:   And there are 17 songs?  I wonder if they'll be releasing another 2-disc set, or if all 17 will somehow end up on the al…
  • Due to my relative inactivity on the boards, I never really knew Jolean well, however based on the few posts I saw and how everyone else feels I can safely say that this is one of the most unfortunate things that could have happened to the OK Go com…
  • I just listened to "I'm Not Through."  It's good, but it makes me feel a bit concerned about the overall quality of the album.
  • That whole issue and the thing that I got the most out of was the pine-scented Dan head.  I really need to change what aspects of articles I focus on.
  • 14: "All Is Not Lost"   Not sure I would have gotten it without the hint.
  • Cowbell in "Back From Kathmandu" too, although Andy (at least primarily) plays the cowbell in that song.
  • I think I've got them:   11: Invincible 12: Do What You Want 13: A Million Ways 14: Gigantic?
  • ^ just indirectly admitted to being a stalker, or at the very least a little creepy...
  • I'll try to find that recording then.  It probably can't be found on the Internet, but I'll still try. Quite a few of the recordings are already on the Gmail account, but I am editing the ones from there that I am using so it's not exactly the same…
  • Update: For OK Go (album) I just need a good recording of Don't Ask Me.  There's one on the Gmail account that is good quality except the lyrics are altered and the guitar's really far back in the mix, an acoustic version, and one that sort of cuts…