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the ultimate girly thread



  • That's awesome! How much are they on sale?

    I'm jealous of you, I don't have enough money for the clothes/shoes I want...
  • neither do i...the trick is to SAVE money. i neverrrr waste money on clothes. i think clothes are the biggets waste of money ever. u need expensive shoes and an expensive bag and the clothes LOOK expensive themselves. i shop at forever21 and h&m and off the $4.99 rack at macys. im not kidding.

    shoes make the outfit. some people will be wearing d&g and you wont even know it because theyre not CARRYING themselves the right way..and teh shoes arent right. and then theres me...hahah...i wear $15 jeans and a $5 shirt with expensive shoes and some ocnfidence and people think my entire outfit is designer.

    two tricks: first of all, carry it right. youve got to be bale to carry what youre wearing. if you cant carry it, take it off. and secondly, atleast ONE thing on you should be insanely expensive. your one expensive item should be more expensive than everyone else's entire outfit combined.

    when you only REALLY spend money on one thing, you can afford to buy expensive things. if i were to buy expensive clothes, icould never buy expensive shoes or bags. my daddy doesnt grow money trees in the back yard. i just have an awesome eye for bargains and i'm not going to spend $150 on a pair of jeans, when i can wear $10 jeans(express, baby) and look just as good. you have to watch where you spend your money.

    and ill save up for a good 3 weeks and then go out and buy ONE pair of expensive shoes. when i want some expensive shoes, i will do ANYTHING to get them. i was trying to save up for some shoes once, an di spend about $20 a day on food when i go to school---that adds up to like, $140 a week! at that rate, ic ould buy a pair of designers hoes every 3 weeks! so i started taking my lunch AND bottled water(i spend an avg of $7 a day on water. so taking water from home saves a lottt) with me to school.

    some people would think thats cheap. i think thats smart. everyone cant buy $1000 jimmy choos without thinking twice. but if $1000 jimmy choos will make you happy, and you cant afford them unless you watch what you spend, then watch what you spend and get those damn shoes!!
  • dude, if I spent $140 a week I would have $10 for the rest of the month for gas and food. I try to save aboput $50 a month now, so I only spend $100 a month, but I have to use that $50 I save to pay back college debt. So i'm screwed. lol. I want a job so bad.
  • really?! wow, i guess im glad ic ome from an over-ptotective paranoid paki family that would NEVER let me live on my own then. i dont really know how ill ever live on my own. im going to ruin my life the minute i'm in charge of it. i dont think ill do this to my kids. im so freakin dependent. not good. my kids are NOT going to be like me...and i am NOT going to be like my parents.

    and im sorry i never answered ur question: theyre like 670(someones on crack. those are nice. but $700 for SHOES! ORANGE shoes?! that youll wear like, once a year!) with 40% off...and i did the math and i think it was like 402.

    this leads me to believe john galliano snorts some crazy shit. and he must have a reallllly nice house.

    really nice house-SSSSS
  • QUOTE (QueenofthePosers @ Jan 3 2005, 07:40 PM)
    yeah, all the dior d'trick shoes are amazing...if only I had money. or a rich boyfriend. damnit. sad.gif

    I <3333 these:

    those shoes are really hot.
    But I'd totally fall over if I ever tried to walk in them.
  • he he, well i'm not exactly on my own either, like I live in a dorm, and my parents give me an allowance. So i'm still pretty lucky, but yeah, I just want to move home and mooch off my parents for the rest of my life. ha ha ha.
  • holy shit amina you are so lucky about those shoes

    and...i always buy cheap ass clothes...i live at H&M

    the only thing CLOSE to expensive that i own are watches and vans sneakers
  • Yeah see I'm also a major bargain-hunter, but somehow I never have money anyways--I think it all goes to concerts and cds, which add up much faster that I think. I'm doing better though, but it still needs work.

    $402 instead of $670 for those shoes? that is hot. Yeah, designer prices are absurd, but I guess it works since people obviously buy their stuff. If you get those shoes I want to see a picture of you wearing them smile.gif.
  • i'm curious as to what you're going to wear them with!!!!
  • I have never seen an H&M, god I am so unlucky, lol. Except for that today I narrowly avoided a horrible car accident.
  • Ahhh I LOVE H&M - I got a lovely mans jumper from there a year and a half ago....Damian was wearing one when I went to see OkGo and said he got it from H&M and I rather fancied one of my own, I always wear it lol, it must be the one piece of clothing I wear the most! I don't own any expensive clothes or anything, I have one pair of vans, and most of my clothes are from H&M (they're from the womens section lol) but then my jeans are always quite expensive (not loads, my last pair cost £70) because I can hardly ever find jeans to fit me! But I always look trampy, but then again so do most of the people I know!
  • yea most of my clothes come from H&M because i am a poor student. also i know what size i need so i dont have to bother trying anything on haha. H&M is amazing....
  • and now from me, our resident weekend of shopping!!

    i got 4 pairs of shoes and a handbag

    2 pairs from DSW, 2 pairs from payless (lol i love that place) and 1 handbag from payless

    1st pair of payless shoes...its a link...and its green!!

    and this is my 2nd payless pair...but mine are not black. they're baby blue. they didn't have that at their site though...*shrug*

    this handbag is reversible...the inside matches my green pair of shoes PERFECTLY...the inside is just like...all green with white trim

    and since stupid DSW isnt workign right now, ill descirbe them to you

    the other one is know those styles of flats with no straps that everyone says look like ballet shoes? i got a pair of those...they have polka dots, but like the front of mine is bright pink and its just so damn cute..

    and this other pair of shoes are black that i got for my wind ensemble concert...they're t-strap and have really sexy tiny heels
  • QUOTE (sara with no h @ Feb 6 2005, 01:20 PM)
    and now from me, our resident weekend of shopping!!

    i got 4 pairs of shoes and a handbag

    2 pairs from DSW, 2 pairs from payless (lol i love that place) and 1 handbag from payless

    1st pair of payless shoes...its a link...and its green!!

    That first pair is adorable, I want to get myself some.
  • you should.

    they should make it in colors besides green and black.

    like pink or something..i dunno.
  • sara!!! i love those green shoes!!! theyre so cute!!!! you MUST wear them in teh spirng iwth some of those "tailored shorts" u know...the ones that are up to your knees??? i'll find a picture and post it later, because its 253 and i still have to sleep! but oh my godddd...SO CUTE! and i can imagine you in THE best outfit iwth those hsoes. BEST!!!! and we must make it a reality wink.gif
  • lol well with my green handbag...

    i was thinking just, plain cute white button-up well-fitted shirt that's like...3/4 sleeve and those capri pants

    hahha im so lame...i model outfits around shoes!!
  • I'm sorry, I had to bump this thread...

    I want these shoes sooooo badly (I'm in love with all things reminiscent of old movies and musicals) but I don't have $200 to spend on them....*sob*


    I need to marry up. Or get a really high paying job.
  • well as long as this has been bumped... i want this!!!


    but it's £25.95, which i think puts it over $40 american dollars?.. i've never spent more than $12 on a purse before and don't think i want to start now...
  • i love that purse... it's so cute happy.gif
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