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Bombs In Central London!!!

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LOL so there's been a few bus bombs in central London this morning, right after a large tube (well its been said it was a massive power surge) 'thing' happened, so the whole network was closed down. THIS SUCKS!!!! So yea, I wont be leaving my house today. This is pretty shitty, I'm so glad I don't live in central. And I'm pondering who could have possibly done this. there are many possibilities. none of which i will state as i don't want people to blow me up heh.

So yea, I think everyone in america is still asleep. this morning, we had bombs for breakfast.


  • so now another bomb near liverpool street. ok bombing people, you're taking the piss now!
  • Oh my gosh! Are you alright dear? Need some comforting?
  • lol yea i'm fine it was in central and i live on the outskirty-skirts. but its still scary. i won't be getting on the tube (or buses!!!) for a while lol. i think its all pretty much calm now. but thanks!! heh smile.gif
  • Welcome, just give me a shout if you need any help though, I'll be happy to help.

    My dad's from Essex
  • lol i live in essex smile.gif
  • Maybe you're his dad...? blink.gif lol.
  • hehe smarrt idea but only four minor drawbacks, 1) I don't think my dad's beautiful, 2) My dad is in my house right now, 3) My dad lives in Australia at the moment, 4) My dad is a guy
  • haha yeah...
  • i was so shocked when i heard about the bombings. i literally lived right around the corner from russell square tube stop for a couple of months. and the place where the bus was bombed i passed by every single day! so scary!!

    i was also paranoid that my boyfriend got hurt. i couldnt get in touch with him because all the phone lines were busy. but eventually i talked to him, thank god. he was in central london at the time of the bombings. poor thing sad.gif
  • yea i got quite freaked out. the past 9 months at uni i've been there or in that area practucally every day,as thats where my boyfriend was living. It freaked me out loads. and also..... i'm so not his dad LOL
  • freakin a i was at that king's cross two freaking weeks ago! what if this had all happened 2 weeks ago?!
  • Haha. Funny story.

    So my mom and I were watching the news at 10pm, and the bombings in London was the big story. So my mom turns to me and says, "I bet you didn't even know that there was bombing in London today." And I smiled at her and said, "Actually, I did. And you can thank the OK Go message board for that."

    Booyah! This board is good for so much. lol.
  • haha go ok go!
  • QUOTE (giggleguy @ Jul 8 2005, 08:09 AM)
    haha go ok go!

    you know it! - ok go keeps us informed and connected!
    I have friends int he areas of the bombings who were at UOFT this year and now are back home in england - 3 of em havent gotten back to me yet since yesterday
    Getting worried sad.gif
  • oh it'll be alright mate
  • QUOTE (giggleguy @ Jul 8 2005, 08:56 AM)
    oh it'll be alright mate

    I am sure everything will be fine - just slightly paranoid!
    - so did any1 here how Italy "supposedly" is the "next" site for furture "attacks"
    BLASTED RUMOURS - BLAh - must call every1 back home LOL
    i hate this crap
    NEHOO so how bout them local sports team~
  • strange thing, paranoia.

    I would be worrying if my granddad is alright, but sadly he passed away recently
  • QUOTE (giggleguy @ Jul 8 2005, 10:05 AM)
    strange thing, paranoia.

    I would be worrying if my granddad is alright, but sadly he passed away recently

    i am sorry to hear that
  • thank you, i might get upset from time to time, no need to say sorry
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