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Music Hall of Williamsburg 4/29 and 4/30



  • Cannot believe I just watched Stephen Colbert do a fully 30s long RGM. I'm in heaven!
  • If you look at the twitter feed at the bottom of the show page, it's mainly Boardies tweeting.

    Just thought I'd point that out.

  • So Rach and I went to both shows.  Last nights show I feel was a lot better, and we were literally right in front of the stage, dead center. 

    Who heard us yell "underwater" on Thursday's stream lol?

    Last night, Damian rocked the girl directly behind me in the forehead with his guitar when he jumped off the stage to sing Last Leaf.  I'm kind of glad it wasn't me, but then he apologized and rubbed her head, and I got jealous. lol.  just kidding.

    but the shows were aweomse.  so. much. confetti.

  • got videos of almost the entire show from last night:

  • TCMD said:

    got videos of almost the entire show from last night:


    I'll watch it later because I've got  a spanish oral to revise for and a leavers book to add to

    Oh and I notice that you're new to the boards…so Hola! Bienvenida al foro! (welcome to the forum!)


    OK i just watched White Knuckles (its my favourite song off the album right now and probably will be for a while) and i can't comment on your video for some reason (stupid youtube). I was gunna say:

    'awww andy bopping away to the music...tis too it just me?
    maybe i have a slight obsession...naaah, im just in fan girl mode haha ;-)'

    ain't fan girl made just so fricktaculous though?

  • TCMD, welcome and thank you for sharing!

    squashedbanana, fan girl mode is fricktaculous!!

  • TCMD, thanks for posting! These are good looking and sounding concert vids!

    I was just coming over to this thread to post one of them because it has Rachel on it shouting "Paracadute!" when Damian was talking about their label - and here you are, already posting your channel!

    Anyway, since I'm here, I'll post the link to that one:

  • lmao. you can see her hahaha
  • Will said:Cannot believe I just watched Stephen Colbert do a fully 30s long RGM. I'm in heaven!

    You have no idea how long it took to get that on camera.  At one point, Stephen messed up a line, and they were discussing where they should take it from, and he said "Well, how about we set that Rube Goldberg back up?".  The audience *loved* that. LOL!

    TCMD, thanks for posting those videos!  ::Throws arms in the air:: PARACADUTE!!!!!!

    You know, when we were in the moment, I thought Damian was saying "You can't say the name of our label without your arms in the air" as like, no one could say it without their arms in the air.  But now, revisiting that moment, I think he was picking on me.  ::sigh:: That's alright. 

  • Well, he lost his pick when he was making fun of you.  So, karma?  lol.

  • Ha, definite karma.  I think he had the last laugh in DC though.  Dunno, we'll have to see what happens in BMore.
  • I don't think he was picking on you.
  • Neither do I! =D
  • Well, thank you ladies. :-D
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