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  • I saw what you did there, Christel, bolding my example comment about Mr. Kulash's bottom!

    Embarassed <—Me, red faced! I'm going to fuss at you over on FB, 'kthxbai!

  • It's so hard to tell, sometimes, what does and doesn't deserve its own thread.  Like, for example, the Range Rover parade.  When I originally posted an article about it, I thought it was a little one day collaboration.  We all know how big it got. 

    Personally, I kind of hate the epic "Television/Movies/Commercials" and "A few good articles" threads to begin with.  If I want to know if something's been posted before, I do not under any circumstances want to wade through 38 pages of stuff to find it.  So I sympathize.  As long as we're making a good effort to find something *before* posting, then I don't really see the need to jump down people's throats.  Awhile back there was a problem where I would post something and someone else would post it like a day or 5 later (and this was something that both n00bs and people who'd been here longer than I did, so it's not just a rant against newbies). We *do* need to do something about the search function, but unless anyone has a direct line to Aross, well, we might be SOL.

    As always, these bumps of this thread are not to make anyone feel bad.  They are to keep us in our spot as the bestest fan community on the web, period.

    Happy New Year!

  • I have a suggestion on search. Instead of using the search feature on the boards, I've found it useful to use google's site search feature. That is, in the google search box you enter:

    "search term" site:

    The trouble with the search function on the site, as you've probably discovered, is that it only identifies the thread (or threads) in which your seach item appears, not the page. And that can be intimidating when a thread is 60 pages long. Google will instead pinpoint the specific pages where your search term appears.

    You can use the site search feature to search the whole boards. So, for example, you could put in the google search box:

    "paisley tie" site:

    And voila, the results list 4 pages on which the phrase "paisley tie" appears within the board.

    You can also search within individual threads, for example:

    "Oh My Little Kitten" site:

    3 pages. You get the general idea.

    This method does not work great for images (running the image location as the search phrase will not yield any results, I tried). But if you can come up with a phrase which may have been used on the same page as the image, you may be able to pinpoint the page that way.

    It is quite good for finding things posted within a given time frame. Say I've got a photo or item which relates to a recent show at the "House of Blues" in Chicago. I'm wondering if it's already posted, and if so, where. So I search:

    "house of blues" chicago site:

    I get two pages of results, each a single page in a thread. Then, in "advanced search" I can narrow further, to results within the last year. The results are a single page about the concert at the House of Blues in October. Then, just one page to scan.

    Hope this helps.

  • PemiBlue, thanks for re-posting the google search method and putting it in this thread. I knew you had posted this before, but I didn't remember where you posted it. So, I used the google search and bam, it's in the Don't Ask Me thread.

  • Yep, you're right, I should have mentioned that I was reposting. But hey, at least now we know the method works.

    I did add more info here, and tested some stuff meanwhile.

    If anybody has found a better way to search for images on the site, I know I for one would be glad to hear about it.

  • beckysioux said:

    I wasn't gonna say anything, and I probably still shouldn't, but I did post the Milwaukee vid already. It went up on the TV shows, movies commercials etc. thread on 5/20/10 since there was no reason to make a thread for that Milwaukee show. And it was within the last 5 pages of the thread.

    I apologize for being snarky. 

    And Christel, I don't recall you posting the vid. I do remember someone else posting it in a different thread a few days after I posted it. Mainly because I remember responding to that post.

    I meant the 5 next from now… I don't really understand message boards, really. I'm sorry about that, I shall be more careful from now on.

  • Bumping this thread as it appears some people have questions about how, when, where to post stuff to the board.
  • Hey Becky or Darbie, is there a way to make it clearer that this is a pinned topic now? Like more (or different) separators between it and the regular threads in the OK Go section?  I ask because when I was finally logged in tonight and not kicked back to the WP Dash, I almost left anyway without reading or posting because I glanced at the "last post" of this thread and thought becky was the last to post anything (The last time I logged in successfully, that was actually the case).


    Not that I think that has anything to do with the current posting lull; it's just a thought. I don't know if that's something this board can easily do, but I used to always put wider separators or other graphics between sticky/pinned threads and the rest of the section. I also found that it helped encourage members to actually read them (maybe it makes them seem more urgent).


    Edited because this Darbie is a DarbIE not a DarbY.
  • There is no way for us to separate this thread like you describe. That would have to do with the script or design of this page. While we have powers to make the spam go away and fix a post here and there, we don't have the power to alter the actual web page itself.

    As for marking this as pinned, there is a little gold push pin to the right of the thread title. I know it's small, but it's there.

    Also, I don't want to alter the title or anything like that as this isn't my thread to alter. And I just checked, we really can't make it bold or anything like that.

    Sorry I couldn't be of more help with this.
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