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Whirring the machine back to life...a question.

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Hey OK Go fans,
We know it's been a long time since you've heard much from the band. But that's because the guys are all working like crazy to prepare the new album and bring you new music, videos, and tour in the second half of 2014 and beyond. The music is sounding amazing, in my humble opinion, and I can't wait to share it with you.

To that end, we've got a question for you. We are considering doing a pre-order campaign for the new album where we offer not just regular items like CDs or vinyl, but also bigger, more bizarre stuff as well. Like what? Well that's what we're trying to figure out. So. What's the weirdest/coolest stuff you can imagine that you'd actually want to buy around an album release? These could be products (real or imaginary, I suppose) but could also be experiences, either in-person or online, or really anything. Think of it like the OK Go store of your dreams. Anything you can think of can be put in there. We aren't saying we'll make everything you suggest, but we are most definitely looking for good ideas, and who better to brainstorm them with than you?


Mike Rosenthal
Paracadute / OK Go


  • The very first idea that popped into my head was "Let's Do Lunch". Score a lunch with one, two, three or all of the boys before a show.

    More ideas will be forthcoming, just wanted to put the first one down.
  • I personally believe that in-person experiences have greater value than online experiences. Would I pass up an online opportunity? Absolutely not, but I prefer the former.

    With that in mind, I would DIE for the opportunity to make something with the band. It could be a song or video or painting or food or to just have the opportunity to spend a little time with them.

    If you want something bizarre, what about a recipe book??????? I keep thinking back to the disc-shaped burgers. Or perhaps little figurines?

    There's also been some talk of both baby and adult onesie/footie-pajama's on Facebook...
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    1. For obvious, selfish, reasons, I want access to live experiences. Either access to streaming live concerts or the ability to download and keep performances.

    This could also include exclusive, non-concert experiences (Q&A, tour diary, behind-the-scenes-in studio-stuff, etc.).

    Things like what Thirty Seconds To Mars does on VyRT. In fact, you probably can use Except that the content we'd have access to would be whatever we'd chosen when we'd ordered/pre-ordered the new album.

    You could set it up in packages/bundles, such as: Vinyl copy of the album + Exclusive access to 1 future live performance (TBD based on what shows the band may record) + Access to Exclusive video content downloads (of stuff that won't be posted on You Tube).

    Or it could be a la carte.

    2. While I'm thinking about VyRT, it occurs to me that in-person experiences (Like Becky's "Let's Do Lunch" suggestion) can also be added to pre-order packages the same way. OK Go might not do as many as bands that use companies that organize "Fan Experience Packages," but that's something in which I'm sure some of us would be interested. And then, there's the opportunity to stream/download/Skype those as well (either as souvenirs for those who participate in person, or as vicarious-Boardie-love for those unable).

    3. And this is only half in-jest: We should organize an OK Go Con. Or several smaller parties. Around the album release. Or video shoots (so fans can, you know have the opportunity to maybe be in the video?). Or tour dates where the band is in that region for more than a day (so we don't intrude on days off).

    I really just want live experiences, and given my past problems with getting to them, I think this might be a solution (not just for me, but for other fans who can't necessarily travel for various reasons). It will also let the people who DO attend many, many shows and participate in lots of band and Boardie stuff have even more ways to remember the experiences.
  • what about a recipe book?
    Ooh, I like the idea of an OK Go recipe book (and not just because I'm developing a cooking show)!
  • Personalized, signed, decorated-by-OK Go sneakers.

    Or socks. Personalized, album-themed, signed socks. :)
  • i second the "let's do lunch" idea
    and socks
  • Paracadute jewelry.

    An adventure package: Skydiving with OK Go! ...I will not be opting for this, the idea of Paracadute logo jewelry brought it to mind, though hot air ballooning is a thought too...

    A music lesson. Live or Skype.
    Or, playing off Maggie's recipe idea (& my show) a cooking lesson.
    Or, really, any short set of instruction from a band member.
  • All of these ideas are pretty awesome! Love you, Boardies!

    Here are a few more I thought of since last night:

    A. Along with Christel's idea of jewelry, I know I would really love a pendant (for a necklace) similar to this keychain. Unless the logo will be changing (yet again) with the new album, then use the new logo as the pendant.

    B. What about a throw/blanket/snuggie? Perfect for a night under the stars or keeping warm in front of a fire. Snuggle with OK Go while listening to OK Go!

    Come on Boardies, what other ideas do you have?
  • wow these are awesome! i love the experiential stuff in particular...a lot of different ways to take those. and yes please keep the ideas coming! we are actively working on this right now, so we'll toss these in with everything else we are considering and see what we can do. thanks you guys!

  • C. "Bag/Box of random crap" Could be something from the OK Go store. Could be something from the recording sessions. Could be something from one/all of the videos. Could be something personalized. Could be all of the above. You'll have to get a bag/box of random crap to find out.

    D. Exclusive privilege to hear the album before anyone else. Perhaps 10-100 fans get the album a week (or more) before it goes public.

    E. "Field Trip" Go on a field trip with OK Go. Could be with one of the boys, could be with all. Explore a museum or a zoo. Go thrift shopping or record store scavenging. Or just do something touristy.

    F. "Soundcheck 1, 2, 3" 1. Sit in on the soundcheck. 2. Take pictures with OK Go onstage. 3. Get the best spot for the show: front row. (Unless you prefer to be at the back of the house or at the bar.)
  • Yeah! To E and F especially! I forgot to mention soundcheck in my earlier rambling (but I also assume soundcheck a lot because of my personal experience). But it would be awesome to document a "field trip" especially thrift stores and record shops! :)

    Another (less exciting) thing I remembered from last night is: Cards. Postcards, Greeting cards, Stationery. With the logo or new album art or band doodles or whatever.

    Some people (several Boardies) still occasionally communicate this way, so a set of stationery might be cool.
  • Really don't dig the set up of the forum nowadays, so I don't come on here as often as a I should. Becky, your ideas were awesome. Christel, cards and stationary sound fabulous. I was thinking of two silly ideas that aren't realistic. I just wanted to throw them in for the sake of silliness. Ok Go viewfinder and Ok Go paper dolls.
  • I don't think those are too silly. Paper dolls particularly, because I was thinking about finger puppets (or just puppets, generally), myself. :)
  • Everything of the above!
    Also, I was thinking a bit retro and came up with OK Go slap bracelets. ;)
  • Slap bracelets! There's a flashback! :D

    Did I say shoelaces already? Shoelaces. Long enough for Chucks.
  • I have always wanted a handmade original drawing from Damian, since he's also a visual artist, or any of the boys. It would be cool if it were somehow personalized (made with me in mind) or if I could suggest the subject of the drawing.

    Thanks, Mike, for inviting our suggestions. I may think of more.
  • We could put the OK Go Board Game into production...
  • OK Go fingerboards.
  • A programming lesson with Andy
  • Plus sizes. Little kid shirt sizes. Hoodies. New t shirts in colors (not white). Stickers, including bumper. Magnets. Keychains. Kick it old school with slap bracelets. Play in Toronto (that's for a friend). Pens. Multi-colored pens. Journals. Tote bags. Pajamas. Seriously, pajamas would be cool. SOCKS. Sock choice is very important.
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