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Whirring the machine back to life...a question.



  • As I was carrying around my second cup of coffee this morning, I noticed that my ancient travel mug (from some long-defunct internet survey site) was pretty depressing. I know I'm among other coffee-fiends here, so I'm going to suggest OK Go-To-Go Cups.

    Because I think it would put an extra kick in my caffeine.
  • G. "You pick the set list" Literally pick the set list. A-sides, B-sides, singles, covers (within reason).
  • Yes. Setlists!
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    Becks, I LOVED THE IDEA OF THE BAG OF RANDOM CRAP, that's awesome!
    Also sureeyesawake, I liked the idea of the painting/drawing. I would kill for love that.

    For pretty selfish reasons, I'm not that crazy about the live experiences because, well, currently not a resident of the US, so that puts things in perspective. So, I'd bet my money on online experiences. A live chat? One e-mail exchange to talk about... stuff? Something like that.
    * I know you guys already did live chats, but I'm talking about maybe more exclusive live chat. Because I've been on the others and it's hard to get your questions answered with a hundred other people typing at the same time as you...

    Also, something I've always wanted and I'm pretty sure you guys have it is VIDEOS OF THE RECORDING SESSIONS. Okay, that's the thing I would expect from a deluxe version of a record with a DVD with videos and stuff, but that would be crazy awesome to see, I love seeing how the work gets created, even if only glimpses of it. Can't tell you how crazy I was to watch the preview of the record with all that footage.

    And just adding to the previous comments, jewelry, yes please. Pendants and bracelets, maybe. Something with "Paracadute!" (maybe badges?) because why not and because I know at least more than a handful of us would totally wear that.
  • Uhhh, Paracadute! letter jackets?

    (I know it's ridiculous, but wouldn't that be neato)
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    Forgot to mention, Christel - as usual so awesome and organized - great job with all this research and ideas, I completely forgot about the 30STM thing. and that would be amazing indeed!

    Also, YES, CUPS!
  • I second the videos of the recording sessions. Would be dope as hell!
  • I love the in person experience ideas!
    I also agree with the necklace pendant idea. I just ordered the "box of random junk from the warehouse" from Pledgemusic, I'm interested to see what'll be in there! :)
  • My box of random crap came in the mail today!!!


    I think they're telling me I need to get a dog...
  • Awesome, Becky (a dog and several cars and um, candles...)!

    (I'm on the board to see if I missed anything related to the Birthday Boy. I have been battling some stuff for a few days, and it dawned on me that I may have been missing some hush hush plans).
  • (I'm on the board to see if I missed anything related to the Birthday Boy. I have been battling some stuff for a few days, and it dawned on me that I may have been missing some hush hush plans).

    I missed them, too, if there were any.
  • I don't think there were, this year, I'm afraid I forgot all of their birthdays (only reminded by y'all...)
    And that's because this year I almost forgot everyone's birthday actually (I even missed one of my best friends' party because I FORGOT)
  • beckysioux, you got a lighter! Cool! I wish now I had bought a box of random crap. I bet you had some of these things already.

    I recognize most of the things, but what is the CD with the photo with Damian in the white jacket?

    What a walk down memory lane...Merch Store Memory Lane, I mean.
  • @sureeyesawake, the CD with Damian in the white jacket is the Oh Lately single. I'd say I already owned about half of what came in the box of random crap. I think I was most excited about the car fresheners!
  • Ooh, @beckysioux, what do the car fresheners smell like?

    I remember having a dream wherein Damian told me their new record was coming out the next week, and that it would be scented. At the time, making it scented was to drive CD sales, because you can't digitize a smell (at least not yet) and one would have to buy the physical CD to get the scented version. Now that CD sales isn't the yardstick it once was, this might not matter. I still like the idea, though.
  • I thought I commented on this ages ago, but apparently I didn't (or it was on FB). I decided that the air fresheners would smell like confetti and excitement, which, to me, means they kind of have that smell you get from the really thick Kindergarten finger-paints & maybe a little Play Doh (that's kind of what the dye in the confetti smells like to me...but the confetti doesn't smell "good," just similar), + the scent of something that some find sweet and comforting, like animal crackers with vanilla sugar and confetti sprinkles.

    Either that, or the air-fresheners would smell like individual band members and the things we associate with them... so an ARoss air freshener might combine ballpark smells with electronics and the scent of wrinkled red linen. LOL
  • I got the air fresheners in my box of random stuff too. They've all been used now and don't smell anymore but they are still hanging from my rearview.
    Damian- new car
    Tim- pineapple
    Andy- cinnamon
    Dan- Pine

    Tim was definitely the winner of best air freshener award. The pineapple was sweet and lovely. New car really smelled more like perfume, the cinnamon smelled like someone in the car was chewing a fresh stick of cinnamon gum, and pine was like someone spilled some pine-sol in the trunk (my least fave smell of the bunch)
  • I think I'd like the cinnamon best. But pineapple sounds good too.
  • I still think Damian should have been whiskey scented.
  • I asked a friend of mine that works with vinyl to make me a OK Go logo decal for my car and I love it. I'd buy their other logos if they were sold as merch in the official OK Go store!
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