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    Got the email, turns out there is no soundcheck that day but instead a free show at Waterloo Records in Austin, so I will be a VIP guest there. Was looking forward to seeing what a soundcheck is like, but this seems cool too!
  • I'm sure you'll still have a great time!
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    Wow yesterday was so special! We got about an hour in the Waterloo Records office just hanging out and talking with the guys for our pizza party, and I watched Damian make the setlist for the acoustic show (which he later gave to me). The acoustic set was amazing. They did a song for one of the pledgers in a previous city, they said a pledger requested "Oh Lately It's So Quiet" since they don't play it any more, and they decided to re-learn it acoustically and play it that day (I hope this pledger is around here, I recorded it for you!). They also debuted an acoustic version of "I Won't Let You Down". I recorded those two since they were unique/debuts. Anyway then the venue, wow! The stage was so small only 8 people could fit across front row! I guess they are not as famous as I thought, LOL. I was dead center, and the only thing I recorded was the "Les Mis" song when there was an extended technical difficulty (seriously about 20 minutes). Tim serenaded me during the song! So cool! I got a poster signed at Waterloo, and a group photo, then at the main show I got a setlist signed, a drumstick used by Damian in the show, and individual photos with all the guys. What a day! Thank you Pledge Music, thank you OK Go and thanks to all the fans who convinced them to do this campaign!

    "I Won't Let You Down":

    "Oh Lately It's So Quiet":

    "Les Mis":

  • @inkybrown, I'm so glad you had such a great time! It sounds like you had a very unique experience with the guys. I'm so glad you decided to do the pledge :)

    As for Oh Lately, I know that I had requested it during my Soundcheck, but I don't know if I was the only one. I had requested so many old songs, but Damian said they didn't know them anymore. Though I did request Invincible and Needing/Getting which they played at the Soundcheck for me. And they added Needing/Getting back into the show after my Soundcheck because they enjoyed playing it.

    Isn't it awesome being Fantine to Tim's Valjean?
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    Wow how cool for you! The only thing I didn't do was request a song. My favorite is WTF. But I thought it would be too bold to request a song for the show. Nobody else did.
  • I loved your story and your videos! It just makes me so happy. I personally didn't get to do any of the Pledge Music experiences, but I love reading about others. Everyone always, ALWAYS says what an amazing time they had!
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