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In A little While (accustic)

Wikipedia says:
Hot Action Cop is an American Funk Rock/Rap Metal band.
they have plenty of songs with funky beats and lyrics about sex

I say:
Hot Action Cop are really rather bloody good, pretty much every song on the album is a diffrent style to the last, its like the 12 diffrent bands hot action cop could chose to be if they went in one of the directions of the songs, but instead they keep themselfs always making diffrent sounds...hence why its been like a 4 year gap since the first album

also, they gave the world "head full of crazy" so they are rather amazing for this


  • im not gonna lie, i hear 'rap metal' and i run away from it, but andy recomended, and it turns out theyre quite fun, dirty... but fun!
  • hahha yea they r cool when you want a funny song to brighten up ur day
  • they are currently touring the USA

    14 Sep 2007 20:00
    Phoenix Hill Tavern w/ Ligion Louisville, Kentucky

    22 Sep 2007 20:30
    12th and Porter w/ Ligion Nashville, Tennessee

    26 Sep 2007 20:00
    Fire w/ Ligion Jackson, Mississippi

    28 Sep 2007 20:00
    Lucky’s Pub Wilmington, North Carolina

    29 Sep 2007 20:00
    Downtown Event Center Raleigh, North Carolina

    4 Oct 2007 21:00
    Melt Lubbock, Texas

    12 Oct 2007 20:00
    Wall Street w/ Ligion Murfreesboro, Tennessee

    13 Oct 2007 20:00
    (Show Cancelled) Ethyl’s Diner w/ Ligion Roswell, Georgia

    20 Oct 2007 20:00
    Gatsby’s Johnson City, Tennessee

    26 Oct 2007 20:00
    The Poison Room Cincinnati, Ohio

    i wish i could see them, and i hope the new album is out soon...its been like 5 years already
  • smudge wishes the new album would come out soon, so andy would stop bitching about how long its taken sad.gif
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