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OK Go Avatars - 56k Warning

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I put together some animated OK Go avatars that I'll be hosting for free… at least for now. I know I can't do much to help promote the band in person, but if I reach at least one person to get them to listen to OK Go then I'm helping.

I would have put this in the "OK Go Pictures and Stuff" thread but some of these files are large. If you're on a 56k connection, you might want to open this and come back later.

They're all from different music videos, and contain some of the funny or interesting parts of the videos. All animations are fairly seamless. You may notice that the RGM video isn't represented... the single-shot nature and series of events doesn't lend itself to seamless avatar creation.

Three of these are intended for use on this site (50 pixels wide is REALLY small!) and the others are intended for avatar use elsewhere to promote the band. I currently use the WTF .gif as my avatar elsewhere, and I get a lot of questions about it. That is, at least in my opinion, a great way to reach potential new fans who might not be open to listening to recommended music from strangers.

Do What You Want

Do What You Want Tiny


WTF Tiny

WTF DAN?Dan - Tiny

This Too Shall Pass

Get Over It - Damian's Part

Tim Makes Things Explode

Perpetual Treadmill

Cinnamon Lips

Do What You Want Carpet Band

Do What You Want Carpet Band 2

Need one edited to fit a certain filesize or dimension? Let me know.

Requests? I do those too.

More coming later!


  • WOW.  These are Unbelievable.  Thanks!!!!
  • Thanks! I can't edit my original post anymore, so I'll have to keep going down here. If any of you have any ideas that you'd like to see resized for this forum, or you have a particular scene in mind, let me know.

    Million Ways

    Their legs are gonna be huge after this workout.

    Don't Ask Me minus OK Go

    Ever wondered what "Don't Ask Me" would be like without the actual band? Me neither. Here's how it would look anyway.

  • wow Byron these are awesome!  I particularly like the one of Dan from WTF

    Great Job!

  • These are really great!
  • Thanks for sharing!
  • Very nice! Thanks!
  • well done! thanks :)
  • The ping pong battle heats up:

    Ping Pong

  • That last one is hazardous to my productivity.
  • THose are great, love the one you are using, with the broom sticks
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