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You know you're obsessed when...



  • You know you're obsessed when...

    A friend who wants to introduce his fiance to OK Go asks you to come over and create the experience by listing the videos in the correct order to watch them in, plus giving the stories behind them as the resident expert.
  • You know you're obsessed when...

    You see a man with an OK Go sweater in the mall and you almost hug him.
  • You know you're obsessed when...

    You choose to buy Honey Bunches of Oats with Strawberries over all the other cereals in the aisle just so you can shake it to White Knuckles and say "Shhh, ladies, we're rockstars we don't speak cereal." every morning.
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    I suspect Red_Cadena wants to share some stories of coming across random OK Go references in the wild. So, what are your stories? Okay.....go:
  • Hey there sureeyesawake! Yeah I'd like to share a few once I get the time. I use them every day it's like a new language. For christmas a friend of mine made me an OK Go Refrence Book to keep track of them all.I'll send a picture :))
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    I don't know if this quite counts as obsessed, but I think it says something along those lines:


    OK Go confetti has worked its way into your shoes. This picture is from after the Columbus show on 6 Apr 2015. The green confetti is from the Louisville show last September.

  • YKYOW you see blue, green, yellow and red and it makes you think of the boys.
    You find a way to mention OK Go on your English State Test.

    (Last year;Question was "name somebody/group that tries to impact society in a way like *character* did in the story & compare. Pretty sure I just talked about their creativity and etc)
  • YKYOW you purchase this:

  • :D
    Have you got the other 3? I kind of feel the need to make a video with them.
  • :D
    Have you got the other 3? I kind of feel the need to make a video with them.

    I have only found an "Andrew". "Tim", "Dan", and "Andy" have so far eluded me.
  • make it a point to everyone in the math classroom that the number "23" has appeared somewhere.
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