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  • I totally found part of my costume of Rose Tyler at Goodwill today, AND bought my friend's birthday present. Both of which took five minutes max for each. Oh my god, I love Goodwill.
  • Pie

    Lemon meringue
  • I just (and I do mean JUST) got the brown EP.  Happy, happy! Joy, joy!  I am listening to it now.  Woot!
  • I got a guitar last week! A telecaster, like the one Andy uses most of the time (but mine is white & black). And after just a week I can already play a part of Here It Goes Again! :D
  • Last week I placed an order in THE STORE, then two days ago they announce that if you order between now (2 days ago) and Jan 1, you get a free GOI single.  At first I was all like "aww, sad list since I ordered last week."  Surprise! I get my order in the mail today & the single is in there.  Happy days!!
  • Happy Merry Greeting Yule Tidings to all of my boardie buddies.  Whatever your faith or tradition my be know I am glad to know all of you and proud to call you my friends.
  • Mom got me an epic hat for Christmas. I love epic hats. *fistpump*
  • Happy because i am back on the boards again after over 6 months, i had given up.



    Becky was here.
  • This, this makes me happy :o)

  • OK Go.

    But, to be more specific, hearing how their music has changed over the years, and what they moved away from, went back to, and drew influence from.  
  • Mine is similar to yours, Chips.

    Music, in general, makes me happy. :) It's just... I don't even know how to describe how I feel when I listen to music. One of my best friends has a phrase for incredible, indescribable happiness: Twinkle Toes. I think it's fitting. :D
  • I'm going to go ahead and put my boy boy right smack dab at the top of my happy list today. For those of you who know me, I've been on a quest for a nice Jewish boy for a long time. I wasn't attracted to my boy toy at first, but he's grown on me over the months. He's the ideal dude. He's kind, sweet, thoughtful, attentive, intuitive, romantic, adventurous, chivalrous,and all around adorable.


    I have to spotlight him today as well for two reason. He arranged for my best friend and I to see a Japanese band that we're huge fans of. And, I finally cooked up the courage to tell him I'm 6 months older than him. For whatever reason, he's always thought he was 6 months older than me. I've known him for 8 months now and I was afraid he'd be angry when I told him. I was afraid he'd wonder if there was anything else I might be hiding from him. But it didn't even phase him at all. I was very apologetic feeling like a complete idiot. Then he made me melt by kissing up and down my neck. That's always his little signal to me to stop worrying about little stupid things. He does that same little neck kissing thing when I complain about how much I hate romantic movies. He's on some sort of silly quest to prove to me that romance isn't a bad thing. Ha! I say.


    I don't usually talk about mushy stuff, but I just felt like bragging on him today. I know we have a thread for talking about boy/girl issues and that sort of thing, but I wanted to put it here because he made me so happy today.
  • i'm super happy you're happy tempe, your boy sounds wonderful...
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  • *bump*

    I'm happy that the forum has gone back to being fun and user friendly again. Hurray for previewing our post and no math!
    (just got a cat. well, six months ago. but the cuddles haven't stopped)
    (he's very loud)
    (DID I say very because seriously)
  • reviving the happy list because i saw a couple on a tandem bicycle earlier today and it made me smile...
  • Ooo, both Violetchaos and Darbie's posts make me happy. Where can I buy a tandem bicycle? I've always wanted one!
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