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  • Ahhh interesting stuff... I got into them when they were just starting out with the paisley and was really disappointed that I'd missed the T shirt and jeans era! But I think the Invincible video pretty much typifies the ultimate for me. The hair. T…
  • So just to gauge newer boardies' Damian love - did anyone else massively go off him when he cut his hair? I think Rachel and Tempe can probably vouch for the fact that I was absurdly in love with that man until the fateful Hair Cut, and now my love …
  • Hahaha wow, Maggie, that is some serious research there, I'm flattered that you know about me!!   Rachel, I have definitely missed us being together and all sisterly on here. One of the greatest moments of my life was telling Damian that we had as…
    in Tim Comment by Electra July 2011
  • ChristelAdina said: magnoliamaggiemag said: Dear Lord is that a golden suit of armor? Haven't seen that before... Has he been wearing it since they began touring again? It's Ming! Tim has a Ming the Merciless costume!    I'm officially in …
    in Tim Comment by Electra July 2011