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Byron Green III


Byron Green III
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  • YoDoofball! said:Hmm, looks like you might have written your response in the quote part itself. When the quote shows up, there should be a line underneath it. If you write above that line, I think it becomes part of the quote. Idk, maybe? Test it ou…
  • YoDoofball! said:Damian mentioned in this interview that they're working on "End Love": Well, then in my head this video will be as 80s as possible, or will look vaguely like a Prince video. Jeez, fo…
  • I'm not certain if this is a bug or an annoyance, but I'm apparently able to change any topic name at will, even if I didn't start it. Every thread on the board here has a little wrench icon next to it allowing me to change the thread titles. If ot…
  • Wikipedia says that the next video is End Love. Can't confirm that stuff on Wikipedia is fact, however. I'd much rather have a Needing/Getting video.
  • I might be convinced to purchase one of the MOAPs if I knew the next video to come off the album. My hope would be a great video for Needing/Getting.
  • beckysioux said: They have performed it live quite a few times. You can actually purchase the acoustic version of it off iTunes. It's on the Live from SoHo (iTunes Exclusive) EP. I don't have access to iTunes here at work so I can't provide a link, …
  • I believe you may have missed "Don't Bring Me Down", originally by Electric Light Orchestra. I believe OK Go performed it at the Main Street Arts Festival in Fort Worth Texas a few years ago. Can anyone confirm that memory?