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OK Go Dreams

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I wasn't sure what section to put this in but oh well, decided to write it here!

Haha so I thought I'd get on here and write the dream I just had about OK GO.... it was totally weird lol. They decided to come to the UK and they played at my secondary school.... but to get in we had to wear our old school uniform?!?! and then damian made me come on stage and sing with him?! WTF!!! and then he wouldn't give me an autograph but sat at a random table in the cafeteria while some lady went on about THE WAR (eh?!?!) and that somebody burned down a door at the school. lol. OH DEAR!

thats all I remember now blink.gif


  • Ages ago I had a dream where Damian was the host of a music show on TV, interviewing other bands and singers. Can't remember anything else about it except that it was funny and that I wasn't in it, which is unusual for a dream. huh.gif
  • I talked about this ages ago in some OK Go chat we held, ha ha. But I had a dream once where I was like hiding out in a closed school with some other person and we went into this room to sleep and Damian was also hiding out there and we were all talking about why we were hiding in this school before we brushed our teeth and went to sleep. Then the next day (in the dream) everyone else was gone already and I left the school alone to tell some guy (who will remain unnamed this time) that I was pregnant with his baby. So I knew the guy was sailing away somewhere that day so I found my other friend and went to he docks and at the docks, Andy was giving swimming lessons to some little kids, lol. So my friend ditched me to take swimming lessons from Andy and I finally found my baby's daddy just as he was sailing away from the docks and I was trying to yell the news to him but he was oto far away, ha ha.
  • Heh I had one where I travelled for ages to America (I think) to see Ok Go and all you guys were there, but you were wearing frog hats and green scarves and I had to have one too except I lost it lol. It was so random, expecially since I've never met any of you!
  • We love green and frogs here in America! Don't try to show up here without such gear. lol.
  • the BEST ok go dram EVER is the "jesse's girl" dream...and i cant even remember whose it was...i think annna?????

    and then theres another one...all i can remember is that its SO FUNNY i almost fell off my chair laughing. i believe that one is saras...

    my memory is shot huh.gif
  • haha yea i remember the other dreams thing... it wasnt a thred i dont think it was somewhere else... on some page mb the andy duncan one i think ugh never mind hehe
  • oh my god!!! that was on andys site!!!

    jen!!! you were around back then?!?! wowww!!!!

    hahah. i miss cod. its so going back up. i talked to hostway. yay. they still have all teh files.
  • yea amina I was.... just nobody knew I existed because u were all too busy to notice me sad.gif
  • awwwwww sad.gif we suck.
  • haha u think if i cared i'd still be here?? lol

    my board fun seriously starting hotting up when i met ryan haha. so like 10 months ago. but i was one the board since september sooo like 6 months before you remember me haha
  • LOL that was anna's dream

    about how jess'es girl turned into...andy's girl


    mine were freaky as hell

    i had one elephant dance (an allergic reaction that andy had)
    and one involving bora bora (HAHAHA)
  • Jen you were in my dream last night mellow.gif haha. I think it was because I was on here just before I went to bed last night =S
    I dreamt I was at Disneyland in America and I was with my dad and brother, and we were going on this ride where the adults had to be the posh people and the kids had to be the people who broke into the posh people's house and sneak in through the basement and get out at the top floor blink.gif
    So I met jen like halfway through and her family were there too and she showed me her mp3 player and it said it was playing the cure and the goonies huh.gif And I was like ah I like the cure but I've never heard this song and she played it and a video came up and it was of an elf in the snow mellow.gif Oh yeah and there was an Alice in Wonderland ride too. And it was scary.
    I have the WEIRDEST dreams. The night before I had a dream about chocolate buttons and the army.

    Just thought I'd share that.
  • I just knew there had to be a thread about this subject somewhere around here... I just have to tell someone... I DREAMED I WAS MAKING OUT WITH DAMIAN LAST NIGHT!!! YEAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! The dream also included a flying manta ray crashing into the window of the white bedroom (yep, everything in the bedroom was white and Damian was all dressed in white too...weird) and my brother starring in a soap opera, but hey, I'm not picky about OK Go dreams laugh.gif I just have one question... why not Rusty? This is my second OK Go related dream and the first one was with Tim (alas, nothing sexual laugh.gif )... like, doesn't my subconcious knows I like Rusty? blink.gif ...sheesh...

  • Haha oh Rosa I love it! My first OK Go dream was quite simple...

    I was making out with Damian on a couch in a dressing room back stage at a concert for a long time...

    and then I woke up.
  • Okay, I was taking a nap this afternoon and I had a dream about Andy... I always forget my dreams so all I can remember is I was party hopping and Andy was with me, and we were texting and hanging out and I got to kiss him. A lot. It sounds lame, but it was awesome and it sucked waking up.
  • I think I'd be kicked out of here if I posted some of my dreams. I can tell you that I was having the most delicious dream that I was awoken from and Damian was kissing the back of my neck. I hate that damn alarm clock! I think the duranie in me makes my dreams a little X-rated. I wouldn't want Damian to freak out or anyone else for that matter, they are just dreams after all.
  • This is definitely all related to my recent trip to New York, and it made me laugh:

    I dreamed that I was on a plane, for some reason, and OK Go and Rachel were also on board. So Rachel and I had been all fangirly and giggling about how we were going to sit together and admire Damian in the seat behind him, when he came over and said hello to us. The three of us were chatting for a while, with me and Rachel in our two seats and Damian sort of leaning over the back of his chair to face us (I could vaguely hear a muffled Tim complaining at Damian too, lol), when Rachel suddenly went "Oh, Damian, come and sit with me!", jumped up out of her seat and walked off with the Kulash! And I grabbed her arm and went "Rach, don't leave me! Especially not if it means taking Damian away from me!" and she just giggled and said "Too late, see you when we land!"

    And through the rest of the dream I was just watching Rachel and Damian, who now had his arm around her, sitting together and flirting at the other end of the plain. I was heartbroken!!

    LOL Rachel, you'd never do that to me in real life, would you? tongue.gif
  • QUOTE (Electra @ Feb 27 2008, 09:44 AM)
    LOL Rachel, you'd never do that to me in real life, would you? tongue.gif

    Never in a MILLION YEARS. For several reasons:

    1) I could never be that collected around Damian
    2) You're My SISTER!
    3) It's so ridiculously impossible.


  • ohmy.gif omg I just remembered last night I dreamed I saw Andy on tv!...he was starring in something like "The Bachelor" (which is weird cause I seldom watch tv), it was a really sleazy reality show... maybe it was prompted by the David Duchovny-look-a-like comment yesterday LOL
  • God, I got emailed because you replied to this...

    But strangely I had an OK Go dream the other day too!! They were playing in my school and I hung out with Dan.
    Nothing exciting, but it made me giggle (in fact my facebook status for a few days was 'had a dream about okgo last night!)
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