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  • White. Not helpful, sorrys! But I just got this condo a year and a half ago (first time homeowner, yay!), so I haven't painted anything yet. Partially because of lazy and partially because I'm scared to make a committment. I stuck up some color swatches for while and my friends started voting on the purple set in the bathroom. When I get ready to actually paint, I'm going to have them vote for all the rooms and keep track this time. =D

    Maybe that would be a helpful idea for you?

    What's the worst book by your favorite author? (Or A favorite author, since I know I have more than one.)

  • The Tommyknockers by Stephen King ( a favorite, not the favorite). I just didn't like it. I thought it was silly.

    Do you know someone who has been a contestant on the reality show Survivor? I do, I do! Rodger Bingham from Survivor: The Australian Outback was the shop teacher at my high school. His brother is our beloved veterinarian.

  • i do not.

    favorite reality 'star'?

  • Boston Rob

    What is the most embarassing thing you've ever said?

    I'll share mine: "Why would anyone want to dehydrate grapes?"

  • 'i dunno, you wanna tap dicks?'

    seinfeld or friends?

  • Seinfeld.  I used to love Friends when it was on, but now that I see reruns, I can't make it through an episode.  Seinfeld is timeless.

    Favorite stand up comedian?

  • Steven Wright. No, Dana Gould. No, Demetri Martin. No, Noel Fielding.

    Bill Hicks.

    If I didn't like music as much as I do, I'd totally be a comedy groupie.

    Who or what was your favorite character from a book when you were three?

  • ChristelAdina said:

    If I didn't like music as much as I do, I'd totally be a comedy groupie.

    I'm with you man.  I probably go to more stand up shows than concerts.  I just saw Bill Burr a few weeks ago and Louis CK too.  Amazing.  Almost peed my pants laughing.

  • ChristelAdina said:

    Who or what was your favorite character from a book when you were three?

    My brain is too fried to think that far back right now, but when I was in kindergarten it was Junie B. Jones.

    Speaking of books, have you ever read a book that relates to you so much you find it creepy?  For me Click Here is practically identical to my 6th grade year, even though it takes place in 7th grade.Surprised

  • There was a part in the last book I read ( Lisey's Story by Stephen King ) that was very similar to what I have experienced recently. I had to stop reading it for a while.

    Have you ever been hit in the face with a pie? (if yes, you must share what kind of pie it was)

  • No, not a pie.

    A partially frozen bass, yes.

    So, what was the craziest youth group, camp, lawn game, whatever group game you played as a kid or teen?

    (Yeah, that does relate to my "answer" above.)

    23! It's been tooo long!

  • When I was really little we made up a horrible game where you run around trying to hit people as hard as you can with a ball until they quit. It was a mix of uncle and dodgeball with a sprinkle of tag. 

    If you could prank call anyone, who would it be and what would you say.

  • My sister and I always said it'd be George HW Bush so that we could say "can I speak to Anheiser?" Lame, yes, but hey we were 6 and 8 years old at the time.

    Salty snacks or Sweet tooth?

  • Salty. I nommed on pumpkin seeds today. My co-worker is my dealer.

    Halloween costumes? This year, years past, best ever, best seen?

    (Pretty open ended, this question is.)

  • the best ive seen is 'sexy commishioner gordon'

    favorite female superhero?

  • oprah.


    what kind of shoes are you wearing?
  • Shoes? My feet are bare. My feet are always bare when I'm at the computer.


    What's your desk look like? Messy, clean, in between?
  • Um... my desk is somewhere between messy and a disaster from hell, haha. I can't seem to keep it clean...Confused

    What has been the highlight of your day?
  • nothing really yet.


    but yesterday i saw a vid of my favourite band reuniting after breaking up on horrible grounds 5 years ago inciting a riot at sxsw ....


    Why do they call it Ovaltine? The mug is round. The jar is round. They should call it Roundtine.
  • Perhaps to be creative? It's a mystery...


    What is your favorite song right now?
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