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  • i really like this song

    Matt and kim - Block after block


    its catchy in a random wierd way. but yeah really all i listen to now is DFA 1979 because theyre back together <3


    Whos your favourite care bear? and if you're too young for that... whos your favourite telletubby?
  • I love that song. I was obsessed with it for like a week, haha.

    My favorite would have to be... the grumpy one. I don't know why.


    Um... How do you like your coffee? (If you don't like coffee, then what's your favorite drink?)
  • I really love coffee but my weak stomach does summersaults anytime i drink it. so usually i get a latte or something with less coffee and more milk. yum <3 really though i perfer tea with milk n sugar.


    im sick... ew. whats your best home remedy?
  • My mother makes me drink chamomile tea when I'm sick. I don't know if that's really a rememdy, but it's quite nice, especially when I have a sore throat.

    Least favorite class in school?

    Mine is math...Confused And I have it twice in one day.
  • right now its symmetry and bonding of molecules... its basically physics and calculus and chemistry wrapped into one... I HATE PHYSICS AND CALCULUS


    what type of gum is your favourite?
  • Peppermint bubble gum. I think Hubba Bubba makes it. Or was it Bubbalicious? Meh.


    Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?
  • Chuck Norris did. Tsk tsk.


    Why are you eating a pickle?
  • cuz. i got a pickle hey hey hey hey.


    why aren't you eating a pickle?
  • Because I don't like pickles. D8

    Other than pickles, what's your favorite dish/food?
  • Uh... Bacon?


    What are you doing RIGHT THIS INSTANT?
  • typing on a keyboard. my legs are crossed and i dont have any socks on.


    what are your favourite pair of socks like?
  • Red-violet no-shows with orange peacocks. 


    Bacon as an ingredient in dessert food: yum or yuck?
  • It really depends on what it is, but most of the time it's a yuck.

    Okay, ok, or o.k.?
  • It used to be "okay" until I started listening to OK Go, now it's "ok."

    Aside from OK Go (which we all know is spectacular), what is the most amazing, mind-blowing band ever?

  • That's a hard one! XD

    I really like Hot Chip right now, but they're not exactly on my top 10 list YET.

    Do you have any really AWESOME socks? :3
  • I would have to say The Beatles.


    What's the first song you ever heard by OK Go?
  • Um... so I'm gonna answer both questions. Becuase they're both pretty awesome questions.Laugh

    1) Yes, I do have AWESOME socks- they're knee high toe socks... and they're rainbow colored. They're quite warm, I love them. 

    2) First song I heard was... DWYW on Guitar Hero on tour. I got a Nintendo DS for my fifteenth birthday and that was the game I got with it. It became my absolute favorite to play.


    OK... What is your favorite dessert?
  • OOPS. Sorry D:

    I guess that one's on me. Don't count this post as an actual post please! :D
  • theyres so many to pick... but i have become obsessed with belgian waffles... you know the ones with chocolate syrup and bannanas or strawberries and a big thing of icecream? mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


    whats your favourite waffle toppings?
  • I like my waffles either with syrup (when I'm feeling lazy) or yogurt with bananas (when I feel like being "fancy"). Laugh

    Hmmm... what's your favorite word (or words)?

    I'm currently learning Italian, so right now I just go around my house saying random things in Italian which are probably gramatically incorrect. My favorite Italian word is garbage can (pattumiera) because it sounds funny.Smile
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